Mobility…..7 Minute AMRAP Barbell Squats & Good Mornings…..Heavy Deadlifts…..”Freddy Krueger”…..Synchronized Pushups

A friendly group convened for a little pre Sunday School play at the Barn and we had a super fun time.  

Coach Kevin led a thoughtful mobility session geared towards a morning of posterior chain work.  

7 Minute AMRAP:   For total reps.

  • 7 Back Squats  (45/35)
  • 7 Good Mornings  (45/35)

Phyllis-268     Geof-252     Kevin-245     Ed-245     Sue-242     Allison-240     Paul-233     Frank-227     Jeff C-224     Manny-200     Todd-188     Alvin-178     Scott-168     Shane-168     Herb-168     Ned-164     Mike-159     Julia-157     Kati-153     Lew-152     Coach-151     Tom-146     Yun-145     Tabitha-145     Colleen-140     Patrick-140     Linda-126

Strength WOD:       Deadlifts        5 : 4 : 3 : 2 : 1      All known PR’s marked with a $$  (MONEY !!).   20 minute time limit.

Kevin-400 (X2)     Shane-400     Geof-375 $$     Jeff C-365     Alvin-355     Ed-335     Frank-315 $$     Lew-305     Manny-305     Todd-305     Coach-295     Paul-285     Herb-275     Scott-275     Tom-265 $$     Julia-200  $$   Kati-195     Tabitha-185 $$     Phyllis-185 $$     Ned-170     Colleen-165 $$ Yun-145     Linda-135 $$     Sue-125     Mike-95     Patrick-95     Allison-Coached     Greg-restrained himself

Metabolic Conditioner:    ”Freddy Krueger”   He’s gonna get you.

                    21  :   15   :  9    of the following couplet:

  • HEAVY Kettlebell Swings. (70/53)  Move up to heavier than usual.
  • Burpees


Allison-4:19     Geof-4:12     Jeff C-4:29     Kevin-5:00     Ed-5:33     Todd-5:34

62 lbs:   Shane-4:33

53 lbs:   Scott-4:50     Herb-5:10     Paul-5:26     Manny-5:52     Alvin-6:02     Frank-7:20     Lew-7:31     Coach-7:50     Tom-8:34

44 lbs:   Julia-5:19     Ned-6:00

35 lbs:   Yun-5:40     Sue-5:49     Linda-6:46     Colleen-7:45

26 lbs:   Tabitha-5:46     Kati-6:35     Mike-8:12     Patrick-no posting

20 lbs:   Phyllis-5:09

Buy-Out:   25 Synchronized Pushups led by Greg-O.


The New Guy today was Patrick, who many of us know from work.  Patrick allowed us to hold him back, so he had a safe workout and shouldn’t be too sore in  the morning.  Hopefully he will return.

Yun recovered from his back strain and came back on Deadlift Day.  Bad timing Dude.  I yelled at him a few times, so I think he didn’t lift enough to get hurt again.

There was a lot of high pitched yelling and screaming as the Deadlifting Ladies hit PR after PR.   Five of them hit new marks, and Kati would have too, but  Allison advised her that a pregnant lady should only do what she normally does.  So Kati stopped at a measly 195 lbs.

Despite all predictions Mike keeps showing up at the Barn.  AND, he no longer has the pukies afterwards.  I hope he can keep it up for 2 to 3 times a week, ‘cause he will surely see some changes a year from now.

Manny continues to Coach and inspire, somehow getting Herb to do Muscle-ups without ripping his rotator cuff.  Who would have predicted that Manny would become the most effective assistant Coach at LHCF?

Wednesday at 4 PM.  Sorry, only 1 weekday WOD this week.

7 Minute Squat & Pushup AMRAP…..Three Girls…..800m Jog and Barbell Curl

Over 40 people defied the obstructions of the Belle Rive Big Dig and found a way to get to the Barn this lovely morning.

Manny, Kevin, and Timmy led various parts of our mobility exercises.  Included was a timely dose of the Burgener Warmup to prepare us for the coming workout.

Wamup #2:   A 7 Minute AMRAP for a total reps score.

  • 7 Goblet Squats with any kettlebell
  • 7 Pushups

Grouped by Kettlebell weight:

53 lbs:   Corban-224     Jeff C-224     Timmy-189     Ed-189     Jordan A-182     Matt S-161     Geof-154     Kevin-119     Tyler S-112

44 lbs:  Tom M-196     Todd-182     Paul-165     Lew (2)-154     Coach-147     Drew-135     Lew (1)-126     Josh C-110

35 Lbs:   Tom N-254     Kirby-168     Warren-168     Reagan-151    Rodney-122     Kelli-105

26 lbs:   Ned-147     Max-146     Allison-145     Foster-140     Julia-140     Jamie-126     Susan L-112

20 lbs:     Katie-148     Kati-133     Sandy-112     Phyllis-91

15 lbs:   Amanda-12     David-98     Kim-82

Linda failed to post.    Greg babysat and ate the mini-cheesecakes with blueberries on top that Phyllis brought.

"Three Girls"          Three CrossFit Benchmark exercises shared by groups of 3 people.  The trio of exercisers must share the same toys, but can alter the loads as required.  Only one person can exercise at a time and the group advances to the next Girl together.   Some did the WOD as a partner-pair but still did the required reps.

  • ISABEL:   30 Power Snatches  (135/95)
  • GRACE:   30 Clean & Jerks  (135/95)
  • KAREN:   150 Wall Balls   (20/12)


 Only one team:  Corban/Geof/Drew-12:03     Jordan A-did RX with a couple of weaklings (see below)-15:39

By Time:

Warren/Rodney/Foster-10:30     Allison/Julia/Katy-10:47     Tyler/Manny-12:38     Coach/Paul/Kirby-12:45     Jeff C/Matt S/Tom N-12:52     Kevin/Todd-13:03     David/Max/Ned-15:00     Ed/Timmy/Jordan A (RXed)-15:39     Lew/Tom M-17:03     Josh C/Lew-17:17     Linda/Phyllis/Colleen-17:50     Kelli/Kati/Reagan-18:30     Jamie/Sandy-18:28     Kim/Amanda/Susan-no posting

Buy-Out:   Take a single Dumbell and do 50 Biceps Curls while jogging 800m.


David (Sandy) was the new boy today.  His partners kept him safe and out of trouble and he survived.

The average CrossFitter’s RX times for Isabel is around 5 minutes.  For Grace it’s 6 minutes.  And for Karen it’s 10 minutes.  So IF you were able to solo all three WODs without stopping, it would take 21 minutes.  …Just for comparison.

This weekend was Reagan’s one year anniversary and it was our lucky day when she found her way to our fun group.  She has grown a lot this year in knowledge and ability, working out also at CrossFit On the End and  at CrossFit Gulch I think.  She is poised now to REALLY improve this coming year.  Stay smart and safe and don’t get hurt, Reagan.  And keep bringing your sunshine to the Barn.

Sunday at 0800.


E.M.O.M Warmup…..Snatch Grip Push Jerk & 2 Overhead Squats…..Games WOD…..Run

We are nearing the end of one of the most pleasant Month’s of July that I recall in my history of many July’s.  Low humidity, low 80’s, cooling breeze…I would like to freeze-frame it so every day would be like this.

A nice group of over 20 made it around the various detours caused by the BIG DIG.  It seems like everyone found a novel new way to get here.  I appreciate your tenacity.

Warmup:    5 Minute E.M.O.M.

  • 3 Pullups
  • 6 Pushups
  • 9 Squats

Strength WOD:     Snatch Grip Push Jerk and 2 Over head Squats performed E.M.O.M. for 15 minutes.

Matt Mo-135     Nick-115     Coach-105     Allison-105     Herb-85     Lew-85     Kirby-75     Ana-65     Josh C-65     Tom-65     Tabitha-60     Foster-55     Paul-55     Kelli-55     Linda-40     Phyllis-40     Jamie-35     Sandy-22 Ned-did what he wanted to.     Mike-practiced     Manny-Coached      Greg-O-Kabitzed     David-arrived late.    

Metabolic Conditioner:    Borrowed from the CrossFit Games yesterday:

               21     :     15     :     9 

  • Ball Cleans  (use a heavy one!!  We have an assortment of 60 balls.)
  • Burpees

100 lb Balls:  Matt Mo-11:14     Nick-12:23     Josh C-12:32     Lew-14:39

75 lbs:   Paul-8:57

70 lbs:  Herb-7:57

50 lbs:  Allison-5:00     Kirby-5:30     Coach-8:51     

45 lbs:  Manny-7:33

40 lbs:  Tabitha-8:23     Tom-9:57     Jamie-10:45    

30 lbs:  Phyllis-7:33     Kelli-7:42    Foster-8:23

25 lbs:  Linda-6:08     Ana-8:23

20 lbs:  Sandy-10:48

15 lbs:  Mike-8:29

Ned-who knows??

Buy-Out:    Jog 800m


Most of the workout today was purloined from the recent Events at the CrossFit Games.

Everyone was shamed into using a heavier ball for the Met-Con.  I was embarrassed for you when I saw you getting ready with balls 1/2 the weight that you should have used.  I know you were much happier afterwards and you glowed with that feeling of accomplishment for a job well done.

Manny’s post-workout Muscle-Up classes continue to show good results as Herb got a very clean rep this evening.  Tabitha is about a week away.

Big Lew had a birthday yesterday, so we all sang that sweet birthday song in his honor.Even as old as he is, I have known him for over 1/2 of his miserable life.  It was our lucky day when he wandered into Buck’s Gym.

When I listed all the couples I could think of who attend here I omitted Kim Kirby who came today with her very fortunate husband Trey.  Hope they can attend together more often.

Saturday at 0800/0930.  Give yourself extra time to get here.  And if you can park near, please bring H20.


Jump Rope…..SuperSquats…..Thruster WOD…..Run/Row

With a locomotive sized digging machine sitting right smack at my mailbox only the brave and intrepid made it to the Barn today.  My worry was weather or not you could get out after the workout.  Somehow you managed……

Warmup:     Jump Rope         Doubles-25 X 3        Singles-100 X 2

Strength WOD:     20  Back Squats       “SUPERSQUATS”     Warm up to doing 20 unbroken Squats using approximately 85% of your body weight, or a tad more than you used if you did this 2 weeks ago here at the Barn.

Matt Mo-225     Paul/Brian/Kirby-155     Warren-115     Kelli-105     ARH/Jamie/Ana/Max-95     Phyllis/Tabitha-85     Linda/Sandy-65     Coach/Greg/Mike/Cathy/Max (2)-practiced

The 4:30 WOD:

  • 50 Thrusters   (135/95)
  • 3 Burpees Every Minute On the Minute 

I guess I set the RX too high because nobody attempted it after the SuperSquats.  Posting only the times, although some did this with as much as 95 lbs.

Tabitha-3:57     Ana-5:30     Phyllis-6:30     Linda-6:50     Kelli-6:54     Jamie-6:56     Brian-7:34     Matt Mo-7:42     Warren-7:47     Kirby-7:55     Paul-8:30     ARH-8:40     Sandy-8:52     Max-10:00     Mike/Cathy/Max (2)-practiced     Coach-blew the whistle     Greg-coached phyllis 


Run-800m     or     Row 1000m


A good group this evening considering the Big Dig and the fact that so many of our regular stalwarts (I’m not going to say Josh Bo) are away doing other things.

Mike J continues to show up and get sick.  He brought beer today even though he doesn’t imbibe.  I think he likes us.  I can’t ever predict….. 

The CrossFit Games have begun!!!  Master’s competition today, everybody else tomorrow.  Broadband viewing on your computer, or some live on ESPN/ESPN2.  Try watching…it’s more exciting than the Superbowl!!

Thursday at 4 PM.  Getting here will be a challenge.  The digging machines will likely move more towards Granny White which would require us to detour around to Murray Lane/Johnson’s Chapel and come in from the West (Hillsborough Rd) and possibly park in the Arboretum.  Somehow you will get here…give yourself some extra time.  

Home School…..Double Ladder……Partner 100’s

Coach Todd did the honors leading the mobility session this misty morning.  Warren mobilized while sitting on a bench in front of the fan.

Warmup #2:     “Home School”

Run 400m with a ball.  Since Home Schooler’s often have to play alone, you were supposed to toss the ball in the air and catch it as you ran.

Warmup #3:     Double Ladder      Reps of 10 to 1 of one exercise while alternating with a 1 to 10 of the other exercise.  There was a 7 minute time cap.

  • Pullups
  • Pushups


Jeff C-4:45     Geof-5:28     Allison-6:20     Alvin-6:21     Herb-6:44     Smoothie and Paul-7:00 DNF


Sue-5:20     Warren-5:45     Linda-6:28     Manny-6:30     Phyllis-6:42      Todd-6:50     Frank-6:58


All DNF’ed as the clock expired at 7:00:    

Coach/Colleen/Barb/Mike J/Rodney/Chip/Kelli/Josh C. 

Partner 100’s:

  • 100 Deadlifts     (185/135)
  • 100 Sledgehammers     (16/8)
  • 100 Kettlebell Swings, Hand to Hand.     (44/25)
  • 100 Sandbag Stepups, 20”     (50/20)
  • 100 WallBalls     (20/12)

Rules:   Partners split the 100 reps.  Only 1 can exercise at a time.  Partners must use the same implement except when unequally yoked.  Partners must stay at a station until all 100 reps completed.


Lew & Geof-46:56


Seaneen/Allison-21:19     Todd/Herb-22:09     Chip-26:24     Kelli/Josh C-28:43     Alvin/Smoothie-29:07     Jeff C/Paul-29:44


Linda-19:01     Colleen/Sue-23:47     Manny/Mike-24:30     Rodney/Warren-24:40     Phyllis/Barb-27:00 (training round)     Frank/Coach-27:33


Coach was mild-mannered and even-tempered in spite of spending the night at the hospital.  He only snarled at one person, and can you believe it???    SEANEEN!!!  She said I reminded her of her Daddy.  I told her she can call me Daddy anytime.

A Special thank-you to Smoothie for being the Master of Ceremonies again today.  I especially appreciate his help when my little light is glowing dimly.

Jeff C got his first honest Muscle-Up today under the tutelage of Coach Manny.  Chip also benefitted from some Manny coaching.

I hope Mike keeps coming.  If he thinks he likes CrossFit now, just think how much he’ll like it when the workouts quit ending with him on his knees doing the emesis thing.  Remember Pukie the Clown is the CrossFit mascot. 

Greg-O did some of the Mobility warmup and did a little walking on the clock.

Tuesday and Thursday at 4 this week.  The Big Dig will advance.

140 Bodyweight Warmup….Katrina Regatta + Angry Gorilla Deadlifts

It rained kettlebells this morning before the workout…..between 3 and 6 AM we collected 4 inches in the red rain-bucket on the fence.  The deluge forced the closure of the field parking and everyone except Ana and Susan managed to keep their trucks and cars on the pavement.   In spite of the rain and the Belle Rive Big Dig we still had nearly 40 people here to enjoy the fun. 

This weather forced a quick change in the planned workout  since most of our toys don’t like to be played with in the wet.

140 Bodyweight Exercises:

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Situps
  • 20 Pushups

The Regatta:  Re-christened the “Katrina Regatta” to memorialize her Wonder Woman effort that caused her to take a Barf-Break behind the Barn.   A remake of previous rainy day regattas, this one was done for

  • Max meters Rowed in 30 minutes.
  • Max reps Angry Gorilla Deadlifts.

Smoothie divided the group into teams of 4 or 5 with an attempt to have them balanced as to rowing abilities.  He explained the rules:  Members take turns rowing 1 minute sprints, while 1 rested member does Angry Gorilla Deadlifts (see video on the CF Main Site today), keeping a running tally for a Team Score of AGD’s.

Teams listed by Meters Rowed:

  1. Matt Mo/Chip/Tommy/Linda/Jeff C—-7916m
  2. Topper/Kevin/Frank/Coach—-7866m
  3. Lew/Smoothie/Dyer/Julia/KATRINA—-7735m
  4. Lew/Matthew Wo/Kati/Phyllis/Susan/S.C. (late addition)—-7338m
  5. Geof/Todd/Paul/Allison/Colleen—-7153m
  6. Amanda/Warren/Geof/Cathy/Seaneen—-7008m
  7. Jeff C/Andrew C/Sandy/Cheri/Ana-6864m

With the TEAMs keeping the NUMBER assigned to them above, the order of finish for Angry Gorilla Deadlifts:

  • Team #1—-1642
  • Team #7—-1505
  • Team #4—-1501
  • Team #5—-1400
  • Team #2—-1222
  • Team #3—-1167
  • Team #6—-1101

Same Team Numbers with the combined scores:

  • Team #1—-9559
  • Team #2—-9088
  • Team #3—-8897
  • Team #4—-8839
  • Team #5—-8553
  • Team #7—-8369
  • Team #6—-8109


Greg-O and Mike monitored the parking and went for a stroll in the park.

Phyllis found an 18” Yun cucumber I was overlooking in the garden.  I guess some people have an eye for gardening….Thanks.

Some team members each rowed over 2000m and did over 350 Angry Gorilla Deadlifts during this 30 minute WOD.  Sounds easy, huh?  Well, the winning team averaged 264m a minute on the rowing, and 55 reps a minute on the Deadlifts.  Not too shabby, especially taking all the wasted time switching into consideration   These Regatta’s are always a favorite, mainly because it is a competitive team effort and there is a lot of encouragement and outright harassment going on.

Nice to see the couples working out together:  Tommy & Seaneen, Geof & Amanda, Phyllis and Greg-O, Coach & Miss Linda, Mr and Mrs Alicia, Kelli & Josh, Kati & Chip, Shane & Ruth Anne, Matthew and Cheri, Susan & Paul…..I hope I didn’t omit someone.  To be PC I should mention Warren & Lew, and Timmy & Ed.

Sunday at 0800.  Field parking will be a game day decision.  Please make an effort to stay on pavement, not just along side pavement and over the irrigation heads  and through the flower beds.      

EMOM Warmup…..Front Squats…..Group WOD…..Curls

Thanks to the Polar Vortex for extremely pleasant mid-July weather.  Simply a lovely evening.

EMOM Warmup:     5 Rounds

  • 2 Burpees
  • 4 Pushups
  • 6 Squats
  • 8 Jumping Jacks

Strength WOD:     Front Squats     2 Heavy reps EMOM for 12 Minutes.

Matt Mo-225     Corban-225     Lance-185     Lew-185     Jeff C-185     Coach-155     Kirby-155     Herb-155     Josh C-145     Tom-135     Brian-115     Tabitha-105     Kelli-105     Reagan-105     Warren-95     C. Foster-95     Max-95     Phyllis-85     Sue-85     Jamie-85     Cheri-85     Sandy-65     Linda-55     S.C.-35     Kati/Mike/Manny/Doug-practiced.    Allison-“I did this yesterday”.

The Metabolic Conditioner:     3 Rounds

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings   (53/35)
  • 15 GHD Situps
  • 9 Ring Pushups


Jeff C-12:04     Corban-12:30     Reagan-12:43     Herb-12:49     Lew-14:04     Matt Mo-14:08     Allison-14:43     C.Foster-15:30     Manny-15:50 Kelli-16:58     Kati (prego RX)-16:30


Sue-12:34     Kirby-14:09     Warren-14:22     Max-14:45     Linda-15:13     Cheri-16:50     Josh C-16:52     Tabitha-16:59     Phyllis-17:00     Coach-17:40     Brian-17:40     Tom-17:46     S.C.-20:50     Jamie-21:10     Sandy-21:50     Mike-18:59  (2 Rounds)     Lance & Doug-left early.  Claimed “busted pipe” at the house.

Buy-Out:   50 Biceps Curls   (45/35)


Corban was a new boy today.  He has been doing CF at Liberty  College in Lynchburg and is training at Coach Boyd’s Combustion in Spring Hill.  He came with Greg’s permission and did very well.  He has a lifetime membership now at LHCF.  Nice boy.

Also Doug was new.  He is Lance’s Father-in-law and I am assured that his politics are in the RIGHT place.  He was having a pleasant introduction until Lance pulled the “Broken water pipe at home” trick and they had to leave.

Greg-O is now 2 weeks post heart operation and is up to walking 6 miles yesterday.  His color is a tiny bit more pinker, but he is still depressed.  Come give him a hug.

Stefan (3rd hand) has a partial Achilles Tendon tear from BOX JUMPS last weekend.  He is wearing a boot and protecting it for a while to see if it will repair without surgery.  I hope he visits us soon to watch a workout so we can make fun of him.

Manny finally found a interested audience for his Muscle-Up teaching using his Power Monkey.  Reagan/Allison/Tabitha/Cheri-all strapped in and were subjected to Manny’s coaching.  This has been a long time coming, but I think it took this time for a group to get close enough to Muscle-Ups to benefit from Manny’s coaching and machine.  Herb should have stayed late.  Anyone thinking they are close to M-U’s should ask Manny for a session.

Belle Rive Drive watermain construction continues to be a challenge for everyone attempting to get to LHCF.  Take heart—-it will get WORSE.  They are yet to get to my mailbox, and that is when it will get serious.  You should always be able to get here, I just don’t know from which direction you will be able to come.  Give yourself extra time!

With Josh Bo out of town, nobody is bringing beer.  Actually Sandy brought some more gluten free garbage today that hopefully someone with Ischemic Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s, or Ulcerative Colitis  can enjoy provided they don’t have bloody diarrhea all over the Barn.    

I must be ill…I miss Josh Bo.

Saturday at 0800 and 0930.  Coach is working this weekend AGAIN and early setup help Saturday and Sunday would be sweet. 


joshbowling ASKED:

i want to know why i cant comment any more without signing in to facebook! that is a terrible policy. it would appear that the whole place has gone to pot since i have been away for a few weeks. shoddy programming and now only 1 workout this week. rest assured I will return in just 3 more weeks a thinner fitter version of myself! I will have to whip the ole coach back into shape. I have been representing LHCF here in nyc with workouts in Riverside Park and Central Park. miss you guys. josh bo

Dear Mr. BO:   Might know you’re too cheap to explore one of the elite CrossFit boxes in NYC.  Also, I must regretfully inform you that due to a large influx of applications at LHCF  (mainly ladies) since you’ve been absent, we will require you to audition for the next available opening.  Please contact us via Facebook to schedule an appointment.  Yours for Fitness, Coach Buck 

Anonymous ASKED:

Coach Buck, my name is Corban and I've been working out at CrossFit Combustion this summer with Greg Boyd. He recommended that I drop in to CrossFit Little Harpeth before I return to school in the fall, and after researching your gym, I'm very excited to experience it. I was hoping to come this Thursday, July 17 at 4 pm, but wanted to ask first to make sure it wouldn't be an inconvenience to you. Thank you!

Corban:  You can come if Coach Boyd says it’s OK   AB

Sandbag Squat Game…..Push Press EMOM…..Power Clean WOD…..Heavy Walk

Scads of members are out of town and still we had a mega-mob here this morning.  Are reservations in our future??

Coach Manny led the mobility session and did such a great job he will get invited back.

Warmup #2:   A 5 minute Partner Game.  Simple:  One partner runs 75 yds while the other does squats with a shouldered sandbag (20 to 60 lbs).  A running tally is kept for a partnership TOTAL:

Linda/Sue-199     Timmy/Ed-171     Colleen/Robin-165     Herb/Tom-159   Todd/Foster-154     Putz/Moron ???-152     Allison/Reagan-150     Coach/Frank-150     Ruth Anne/Angela-149     Stefan/Jeff C-144     Warren/ARH-140     Alvin/Smoothie-135     Stacy/Julia-123     Max/Shane-115     Seaneen/Eileen-106     Phyllis/Barb-90     Mike/Manny-84     Among the several missing are Lew & Kati who I’m guessing are Putz & Moron.

Strength/Stamina WOD:   3 Push Presses E.M.O.M. for 12 Minutes.  Recommended 1/2 bodyweight on the barbell.

Ed/Shane/Stefan-115     Alvin/Smoothie-110     Coach/Frank/Allison-105   Warren/Lew-100     Timmy/Todd/Jeff C-96.5     Herb/Tom N/Manny-95     ARH/Max/Foster-85     Stacy/Reagan/Seaneen/Julia-75     Kati/Colleen-65     Ruth Anne/Linda/Angela/Sue/Robin/Mike-55     Eileen-42     Barb/Phyllis-coaching session

The Metabolic-Conditioner:      5 Rounds

  • 5 Deadhang Pullups
  • 10 Power Cleans    (135/85)
  • 15 Box Jumps    (24/20)
  • Run 200m or Row 250m

Examples of all the exercises and rules for RX and scaling were demonstrated.


Allison-17:39     Jeff C-19:18     Timmy-19:35    Shane-19:54     Seaneen-20:42     Ed-22:05     Smoothie-27:54     Tom N-29:37

Intelligent guys taking it easy:

Manny-18:32     Foster-19:00     Sue-19:00     Linda-19:19     Angela-19:40     Stacy-19:48     Warren-19:56     Todd-19:56     Ruth Anne-20:22     Robin-20:39     Frank-20:45     Herb-21:07     Reagan-21:16     Alvin-21:38     Lew-21:38     Eileen-22:05     Kati-22:45     ARH-23:08     Coach-23:10     Colleen-23:30     Max-24:00     Mike-24:51     Barb & Phyllis-27:00 (3 rounds)     Julia and others-no reporting    Greg-Coached and operated the clock some.

Buy-Out:    Walk 800m with everything you can carry.   Loaded Barbells/Dumbells/Kettlebells/balls/chains/sandbags/weight vests and combinations of these were used.


Stefan strained an Achilles tendon doing box jumps.  Attended to by several Physicians and nurses in attendance, he was ordered to rest it for a few days and be re-examined.  Odd injury in someone so young, fit, and coming after seemingly an over-adequate warmup of Sandbag Squats/running and push Presses in the preceeding exercises.  We always warn the old-timers as to the inherent dangers of this exercise…should (at least) step-downs be the rule for LHCF??  I HATE WHEN YOU GUYS GET HURT!!!!!  Even Smoothie is trying to blame me for his kidney stone this past weekend.  Did you see his sympathy getting hospital ID band?  SICKO!! 

Barb (Mike J) was the only new girl today.  As my habit, Phyllis was saddled with shepherding Barb through the mornings’ play, and as usual, nobody could have done a better job than Phyllis.  She kept Barb safe and under control.  Just maybe we can get Barb and Mike back here on a regular basis.

Unfortunately we will have only one weekday workout this week—-THURSDAY—-I warned you that this would happen occasionally until my work situation improves.  I hope you don’t just sit on your hind-ends and get out and do a walk-in at your neighborhood CrossFit. 

Thursday at 4 PM.  We need some beer.