All Partner Day…..Med-Ball Situps…..Power Cleans…..Deadlifts/Burpees…..Barbell Run…..

Just another perfectly gorgeous morning at the Little Harpeth CrossFit Barn.  

Thanks to Lance and Todd for helping us get our joints warmed up with their flexy/stretchy mobility exercises.  We only wish they had included some Jumping Jacks.

All of the 4 workout sections today are meant to be done with a partner.

#1:     Partner Med-Ball Situps.  100 reps for the duo.  Any weight Ball.  

The Times:

Bernie/Jeff C-2:42     Alicia/Cheri-2:51     Tom/Matt Wo-2:54     Coach/Frank-3:03     Matt Mo/Alvin-3:05     Allison/Seaneen-3:09     Todd (2)/Lew (2)-3:10     Geof/Timmy-3:19     Lance/Kevin-3:21    Warren/Ned-3:25     Kati/Anna-3:35     Shane/Will-3:36     Linda/Tara-3:37     Rodney/John-3:40     Todd (1)/Lew (1)-3:41     Amanda/Geof-3:42     Stacy/Jennifer-3:57     Hunter/Josh C-4:15     Jamie/Nicole-4:20     Drew/Matt Mo/Kelli/Manny-No posting 

#2:    Power Cleans, 3 reps every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.  Recommended weight 75 to 80% of 1 rep max.  Listed by weight on the bar:

165 lbs:     Drew/Matt Mo

155 lbs:     Geof/Timmy

145 lbs:     Bernie/Jeff C

135 lbs:     Matt Wo/Alvin/Lance/Kevin/Lew (twice)/Todd (twice)/     Shane/Will/Hunter/Josh C.

125 lbs:     Coach/Frank

105 lbs:     Tom/Allison/Seaneen.

95 lbs:     Alicia/Cheri/Manny

75 lbs:     Kelli/Jennifer

65 lbs:     Jamie/Warren/Ned/Rodney/John/Kati/Anna

55 lbs:     Linda/Tara/Amanda

45 lbs:     Nicole

#3:     100 Deadlifts using the same weight on the barbell as in the above workout.  Partners share Deadlifts 50/50.  Bonus:  Every minute on the minute starting on the 1st minute both partners enjoy 3 Burpees each.


Lance/Kevin-2:20     Tom-2:40     Bernie/Jeff C-2:45     Geof/Timmy-2:54   Matt Wo/Alvin-2:55     Allison/Seaneen/Stacy-3:05     Shane/Will-3:23     Drew/Matt Mo-3:45     Lew (1)/Todd (1)-3:50     Kelli/Jennifer-4:15     Alicia/Cheri-4:23     Warren/Ned-4:30     Jamie/Nicole-4:46     Linda/Tara-4:50     Kati/Anna-4:53     Coach/Frank-4:58     Rodney/John-5:30     Amanda-5:59     Lew (2)/Todd (2)-6:10     Hunter/Josh C-7:35     Manny

Buy-Out:   Partners take an empty barbell and jog 800m untimed.


Three nice new people came today.  John is a friend of Rodney, Shane picked up Will at the “Y”, and Nicole (Niki) is a student at MTSA with Hunter/Big Kevin/Josh C and is attempting to be learnt anesthesia by Lew.  All 3 newbies were kept busy and free of injury by their friends.  There is no excuse for them to not become regulars.

Several times today I called Jennifer “Liz”.  I am usually perfect in my rememberance of the names of our fair CrossFit Girls.  I apologise to Jennifer and will get my testosterone level checked.

Sunday at 0800.

5 Minute EMOM……..Back Squats……..”Fran”……..Biceps Curls.

A perfect 70 degrees.  No Big Ass Fans.  

Warmup on arrival:    5 Minute E.M.O.M. do the following:

  • 2 Burpees
  • 4 Pullups
  • 6 Pushups
  • 8 Squats

20 reps per round, only took 45 seconds of the minute when I did it, then  15 seconds of rest.  100 reps total.  Nice warmup.  Paul liked it.

Strength WOD:     Back Squats     5/5/5/5    Warmup to 85% of your best 1 Rep Max and do 4 sets of 5’s.

Drew-275     Matt Mo-225     Timmy-210     Coach- 205     Manny-205     Paul-205     Lew-205     Herb-185     Tom-185     Warren-135     Kelli-125     Alicia-125     Tabitha-125     Mike-115     Phyllis-105     David-95     Sandy-75     Carilu-27

4:30 WOD:     “FRAN”          21  :  15  :  9

  • Thrusters  (95/65)
  • Pullups

Ground rules:   Please choose a weight that you can finish in 10 minutes or less because this WOD was designed to be a fast stamina WOD and not a 30 minute strength WOD.  The added threat was that if you finished after the 10 minute cap, you would get a DNF.  After being assailed as a “Blog Bully”, Coach relented and included all.  Well, all but Greg-O, because he was still on the 1st round of 21 when the time cap was reached.


Timmy-7:11     Drew-7:11    Matt Mo-8:41     Lew-10:00 (?)

75 lbs:  Coach-7:15     Herb-7:55     Paul-8:35

65 lbs:  Manny-6:42     Warren-6:45     Tom-8:43

55 lbs:  Tabitha-6:41     Alicia-7:52     Kelli-9:20     David-10:10

35 lbs:  Phyllis-9:59     Sandy-14:24

22 lbs:  Mike-9:20     Carilu-9:21

Greg-O-??     Linda-??

Buy-Out:     50 Barbell Biceps Curls   (45/35/22)


I miss Ed.  He always gave the Barn his patented OCD cleanup.  Timmy is trying hard to replace him, but alas..    Maybe we need to find Ed a new employment so he can get here at 4 PM?

Also Josh Bo seems to have checked out.  He is probably working out somewhere else.  I always thought he was trapped here..a victim of our pricing stategy.  Is he thinner skinned than we believed?  Did someone hurt his feelings?  Certainly not I.

Due to the extreme stress and duration of my hospital work, there are no other workouts until Saturday.  Lew, anticipating this void, has requested that the Saturday workout combine the levels of intensity of both Thursday AND Saturday.  I promised Lew that I would come up with a workout that he could not do twice in one morning like he usually does.

Saturday at 0800/0930.  Limited to 1 only.  Blog Bully.


Bring Sally Up..…..Chipper with Barbells…….100 KBS

53 degrees.  Wow, Fall is fast approaching!.  Six more weeks and the leaves will be falling.

Gracie and Clara (ages 8 and 10) led the stretchy-flexy warmup for us.  Unfortunately Lew and Warren were chatterboxes and Clara had to reprimand them, telling them to pay attention and stop talking.

Warmup #2:     Bring Sally Up.    Airsquats to the “Flower” song.  All you have to do is Squat up and down when they say so.  Easy-breezy.

The Group WOD:      5 Rounds For Time, preferably shared with a partner.  A few did it solo and did 1 partners’ share of the work.

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 12 Bench Presses    (155/95)
  • 24 Back Raises
  • 12 Push Presses    (155/95)
  • 24 Ab-Mat Situps
  • 12 Deadhang Pullups


Allison-29:12 (solo)     Drew-40:15 (solo)     Seaneen/Julia-41:25

All the rest are slow sissy-pants:

Geoff-25:46     Smoothie-30:36     Lew-30:36     Hunter-32:20     Herb-32:20     Chad-32:32     Warren-32:32     Clara-38:49     Bernie-38:49     Gracie-38:49     David-38:49     Todd-39:04     Paul-39:04     Coach-43:05     Frank-43:05.

Buy-Out:     100 Kettlebell Swings (not partnered)  any KB.


Chad was the only new boy today and he’s not exactly new.  He’s been around here for over 5 years since he got married right there in our yard.

 Tuesday, the only weekday WOD, at 4 PM.

Thunder Burpees…..Deadlifts & 7 Field Events…..Synchronized Pushups

An overnight polar vortex brought a brisk Fall feeling this morning.  Many of you arrived wearing an extra layer of clothes, and we never needed the fans.

Paul and Lew led the brief warmup sessions that included Jumping Jacks, Squats, and several mobility stretches.

Warmup #2:          Thunder Burpees                                                                        To the AC/DC tune “Thunderstruck”, we did a Burpee every time they sang THUNDER.  Many of us had thundering in our skulls left over from Esther’s wedding reception last night and these guys were excused from doing every single Burpee.  I’ve never counted all the Burpees, but I think they total about 50.

The group WOD:     3 Rounds For Time

  • 10 Deadlifts    (Bodyweight)
  • Log Carry 125 yds.
  • OverHead Barrel or Heavy Ball Walk 125 yds.
  • 10 Tire Flips
  • Farmer’s Walks (35 to 80 lbs each hand) 125 yds.
  • ProwlerPush (165 to 190 lbs) 50 yds.
  • 10 Heavy Balls (25 to 50 lbs) Over 5 ft Wall.
  • Sled Drag (130 to 165 lbs) 125 yds.

Everyone gets an RX just for being here:

Matt Wo-25:25     Cherie-28:12     Aidan-28:20     Drew-29:05     Lew (2)-29:56     Lance-30:43     Seaneen-30:54     Hunter-31:24     Linda-31:43     Tabs-31:48     Anna-32:05     Max-32:05     Adam-32:07     Beth-32:07     Alicia-32:45     Manny-32:50     Kevin-32:50     Phyllis-33:10     Greg-33:10    Todd-33:15     Paul-33:31     Carlos-33:35     Rodney-33:35     Warren-33:39     Jeff C-33:40     Timmy-34:10     Coach-34:55     Bernie-35:44     Katrina-36:12     Sandy-36:59     Jessamine-36:59     Lew (1)-40:00    Kati-40:00     Tom-41:20     Tommy-43:00     Topper-43:00     Ned-Goofed Off.  Left early.     Geoff-DNF (?)

Buy-Out:    27 Synchronized Pushups.  Led and counted off by Greg-O, and nobody even asked why 27. 


The Bobo’s came back.  It’s been over a year since Adam blew out a lumbar disc on his 1st day at the Barn.  After surgery, rehab, and a year to get his nerve (pun) back, Adam flipped tires and Deadlifted with his wife Beth doing most of the heavy lifting.

Aidan got a badly skinned shin today.  It happened during the clean-up and put away phase.  Unusual.  Coach had to use the 1st aid kit while Aidan looked queasy.  His Mama probably won’t let him come back.  I hope she checks his Tetanus shot status.

Coach’s Daughter Jessamine did the WOD while Husband Chad AND Grandson Jonah watched and played with balls.  Observers:  Miss Linda’s Brother Gary and wife were visiting from Youngstown, and Chad’s Mom and Dad were here from Naples.  The one in Florida.

Sunday at 0800. 

Jump Rope…..Power Cleans…..Snatch & Run…..Dips

Your Coach was at Esther’s rehearsal dinner this evening, so Lance of  Climb Nashville fame was your Coach.  I notice he didn’t post any results for himself, so he must have truly coached and didn’t join you in the workout like some worthless coach’s are known to do.

Warmup:   Jump Rope—— Doubles  25  X  4       Singles  50  X  4

Strength Practice:   Power Cleans    Use 75% of your 1 Rep Max and do 2 reps E.M.O.M. for 15 minutes.  Weight used:

Drwe-175     Todd-125     Lew-125     Kirby-115     Warren-115     Coach Buck-115     Tom-115     David-85     Kelli-85     Tabitha-75     Sandy-65     Angie-55

The 4:30 WOD:     Snatch & Run     10 rounds for time.

  • 5 Power Snatch     (95/65)
  • Run 200m


Kirby-17:55     Drew-19:04     Kelli-23:28


75 lbs:     Todd-15:04     Warren-19:37     Lew-20:40     Tom-21:31     Tabitha-22:42

45 lbs:     Angie-22:36

42 lbs:     David-32:44

35 lbs:     Sandy-27:45

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips     6/6/6/6


1/2 of you stayed home.  It looked like rain and you knew if you came it would be a Regatta.  I fooled you this time.

Many thanks to Lance for getting you through the workout safely.  I assume that’s true ‘cause I checked out the Barn and the defibrillator and first aide kit haven’t been used.

A big day tomorrow for the Buck Family.  We hope to see many of you there to celebrate.  It will be a wine tasting like no other.

And then Saturday at 0800/0930.

Run/Row Warmup…..Squat-O-Rama…..7 minute AMRAPS (2)…..Pullups

Musquitos, Mosquitos, Mesquitos, Skeeters…..they were bad tonight.  Citronella was flaming and everyone lathered up with OFF, Big Ass Fans were blasting,  after which few complaints were registered.

Warmup:  Run 400m or Row 500m.

Strength:     Squat-O-Rama     Post your best of each.

  • Overhead Squats     1/1/1/1/1
  • Front Squats     2/2/2/2/2
  • Back Squats     3/3/3/3/3

Overhead Squats:

Drew-155     Lew-115     Coach-95     Todd-85     Tom-85     Herb-85     Alicia-80     Tabs-55     Angie-50     Paul-45     Sue-45     Ana-35     Linda-35    Jamie-35     Kelli/Manny/Greg-O/Susan——-goofed off.

Front Squats:

Drew-225     Paul-205     Lew-200     Coach-185     Herb-175     Todd-155 Tom-145     Tabs-115       Alicia-105     Ana-75     Angie-75     Jamie-75     Linda-65     Sue-65     Kelli/Manny/Greg-O/Susan——-continued to goof off.

Back Squats:

Drew-275     Coach-235     Paul-225     Herb-215 (-ish)     Todd-205     Lew-205     Tom-195     Tabs-135     Alicia-105     Kelli-105     Ana-95     Angie-95     Jamie-95     Linda-95     Sue-95     Kelli/Manny/Greg-O/Susan——-never stopped goofing off.

The 4:30 WOD:     2  AMRAPS, both 7 minutes long, with a 2 minute rest in between.

  1. Run 800m   or   Row 1000m.
  2. In the time remaining on a 7 minute clock do Sumo Deadlift High Pulls for maximum reps.   (95/65).

Take a 2 minute rest.

  1. Run 800m   or   Row 1000m.
  2. In the time remaining on a 7 minute clock do Thrusters for maximum reps.    (95/65).

Your score is the combined reps of the SDLHPs and the Thrusters.


Lew-68     Drew-64     Herb-50     Alicia-47

Sissy Pants:

Todd-95    Coach-68     Linda-60     Tom-59     Manny-50     Tabs-50     Paul-45     Sue-36     Angie-36      Jamie-35     Ana-32     Greg-O/Susan/Kelli-no posting

Buy-Outs:     Deadhang Pullups.   Add a weight belt/vest.    3/3/3/3.


It seems that only 1 person read the blog and was aware of the wine tasting this evening.  She brought beer.  Never-the-less, we had ample wine and snacks.  Normally we devastate 7 to 8 bottles of vino, but today only 4 bottles.  I quess we’ll just have to quit this since nobody cares.

I was incorrect to write that Greg-O was goofing off.  Actually he was completing the repair of my irrigation system.

The wedding rehearsal dinner is this Thursday evening.  There is a workout scheduled but I can’t be here.  I have requested coaching assistance and LANCE has volunteered.  The workout will be posted.  Please step it up and help him coach and stay safe.

Thursday at 4 PM.


MedBall trio Game……….”D.T.”……….5 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Challenge

Coach Paul bravely led off the morning with his patented mobility, flex, and stretch exercises.

Warmup #2:   7 Minute MedBall Game for 3 People.  Divide into groups of 3 and take one MedBall per trio down to the concrete strip in the field.  There we kept 2 guys passing the MedBall back and forth across the concrete strip while one guy ran 100yds.   The trio rotated their tasks every time the runner returned, keeping a running tally of the MedBall Passes.

Todd/Allison/Ed-400     Lew/Josh C/Kati-390     Paul/Jeff/Nick-352     Stacy/Tommy/Timmy-343     Herb/Alvin/Hunter-341     Alicia/Linda/Reagan-323     Angela/Anna/Colleen-304     Warren/Greg/Ned-296     Manny/Barb/Mike-292     Coach/Frank-282     Max/Chris/Phyllis-256

Note:   Please note that Coach and Frank  were not a trio.  It is likely that if they were, their score would look more like 282 X 0.33  =  375.  That would have put them in 3rd place.

The main WOD:     “D.T.”    A CrossFit Hero.  We did “D.T.” in September of last year, so if you want to search our archives and compare….             “D.T.” is 5 rounds, done with one weight on the one barbell.  The Main Site RX is 155 lbs, but again, as I did last year, I made the RX 135/95 for our weaklings.

  • 12 Deadlifts
  • 9 Power Cleans
  • 6 Shoulder to Overheads

135 lbs:     Jeff/Ed-17:55     Josh C/Hunter/Lew-37:03

125 lbs:     Nick-17:11

115 lbs:     Tommy B-14:05     Herb-20:04     Paul-22:44

100 lbs:     Timmy/Todd-12:30

95 lbs:     Manny-11:20     Allison-12:25     Coach/Frank-14:38     Max-30

85 lbs:     Stacy-13:38     Alicia-14:05     Reagan-14:28     Warren/Ned/Greg O-16:48

65 lbs:     Anna-11:32     Angela-15:04     Colleen-15:30     Kati-15:56     Mike-27:03

45 lbs:     Phyllis/Linda-16:07    

22 lbs:     Barb-25:00    

Buy-Out:   5 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Challenge.   Not intended to be a buy-out, but rather another 5 minute mini-WOD that we would do all together.  This plan dissolved  because there were over 25 minutes between the 1st guys and the last guys finishing “D.T.”.  BTW, were Lew/Hunter/Josh C in our time zone?  Did they roll their clocks back an hour last night thinking DST had ended???  Anyway…..the early finishers got tired of sitting around and 1 by 1 they did the KB Snatch Challenge in singles or pairs, didn’t write anything on the whiteboard, and left grumbling about my poor programming and organization.  Coach did 102 reps with a 35 lb KB in 5 minutes.

Other Notes:

  1. Tuesday at 4 PM.  Wine tasting to follow.  Bring snacks if you don’t want to get drunk on an empty stomach.  Also we need some beer.  Miss Linda brought the last 24 bottles, thus risking her reputation by running into the church ladies at Publix.
  2. Thursday at 4 PM.  Stupid Coach was supposed to know that wedding protocol calls for a rehearsal dinner on the day before the is a MANLY MAN supposed to keep such GIRLIE trivia in his skull????  Anyway. Will a CrossFit Level-1 please volunteer to run that class Thursday.  I will have the whiteboard posted for you.
  3. Max brought his Mom again today.  Her name is Chris, and Max and Barb helped keep her safe from injury.  Chris lives in South Carolina.
  4. Won’t some of you guys ever learn that rich mansion houses in Brentwood always have irrigation systems lining their driveways??  And won’t these same some ever learn that if you drive your multi-ton vehicle over the irrigate heads they might bust, costing an old man on a fixed income approximately $150 per head (Aqueduct Irrigation) to repair?  iridescent orange cones, flags, and huge boulders haven’t deterred those keen on doing damage.  But don’t feel bad for me.  When Greg-O noticed the damage and the resultant overnight erosion, he fixed it pronto.  I haven’t seen the bill yet.
  5. Tuesday at 4 PM.   

Burpee Game…..The 21’s…..Shower for Esther & Greg

A perfect morning for our planned festivities.  An easy warmup, an easier workout, followed by a Bridal Shower for Esther and Greg.

The warmup #1 was led by Coach Kevin who got our juices going with some mobility movements.

Warmup #2 was a simple little 6 minute partner game.  Starting on the concrete strip, we sent one partner sprinting 100 yards while the other guy did Burpees.  Returning from the sprint, they switched roles keeping a running total of Burpees for their score:

Bernie/Little Kevin-113     Matt Mo/Geof-112     Lance/Shane-112     Josh B/Allison-112     Rodney/Herb-105     Warren/Lew-101     Jeff C/Nick-100     Tom/Hollywood-99     Timmy/Ed-98     Alvin/Linda-86     Smoothie/Lip-85   Hunter/Josh C-81     Manny/Carlos-78     Jamie/Tabitha-76    Big Kevin Lionel-76     Angela/Colleen-75     Chip/Lew-69     Coach/Frank-68     Carilu/Tom M-56     Sandy/David-43

The Group WOD:    ”The 21’s”     This was on the CrossFit main site a year ago.

3 Rounds for Time

  • 21 Back Raises
  • 21 Knees to Elbows
  • 21 Pushups
  • 3 Rope Climbs
  • 21 Box Jumps  (20”)
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings  (53/35)
  • 150 ft Walking Lunges


Brent-22:55     Greg S-23:58     Allison-24:22     Timmy-24:45     Shane-25:11     Lance-25:22     Herb-29:27     Lew-33:34     Smoothie-34:15     Jeff C-34:45     Little Kevin-35:27     Manny-37:00     Nick-41:08     Hunter-41:45     Josh C-41:59     Ed-43:25     Matt Mo-44:48


Linda-24:10     Jamie-27:10     Geof-27:56     Kati-28:53     Colleen-29:20     Coach-30:05     Alvin-31:20     Carlos-32:10     Warren-32:54     Frank-33:01     Tabitha-33:11     Rodney-33:15     Angela-34:40     Chip-35:15     Carilu-35:19     Sandy-35:26     Tom M-35:32    

2 Rounds:   Josh Bo-28:00     David H-32:30    


A splendid breakfast buffet followed the 1st class and continued through and after the 2nd class.  There was everything you would ever want for breakfast and plenty of it.  Many thanks to Phyllis, Susan, Teri, and Kelli and others for their combined catering.

There were several who worked out but didn’t post times, and a large number who attended the Shower but didn’t work out.  Among these were daughters Esther and Jessamine and Grandbaby Jonah.

Lionel was the only new guy today.  He gave it a brave effort and kept smiling, but I think he was surprised how hard this little workout CrossFit was.  He has a lot of friends here, so I think he will come back.

The world famous Tracy (Hollywood) came back for his 3rd workout over as many years.  Always remembered for his copious emesis early in each workout, Hollywood must have learned to pace himself ‘cause he didn’t leave any mess’s today.

Sunday at 0800.  Once again, Lew was complaining about the “soft” programming, so you know what is coming tomorrow.  

Jump Ropes…..Thrusters…..”Helen”…..Dips

Warmup:     Jump Rope     Double-Unders-30 X 2     Singles-100 X 2

Strength WOD:     Thrusters     Warm up to a challenging weight and do 2 reps E.M.O.M. for 12 minutes.

155 lbs:     Josh Bo     Matt Mo

135 lbs:     Bernie     Lance

115 lbs:     Timmy

95 lbs:     Kirby     Dyer     Tom     Max     Paul

75 lbs:     kelli

65 lbs:     Ana     Jamie     Sue     Linda

55 lbs:     Sandy     Phyllis     Tabitha

Manny and Greg-O did their own thang     Carilou-was coached by Phyllis and Sue

4:30 WOD:    ”Helen”     3 Rounds For Time

  • Run 400m     or     Row 500m
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings     (53/35)
  • 12 Pullups


9:12-Lance     10:50-Timmy     12:01-Kirby     12:35-Manny     12:44-Bernie     13:03-Matt Mo     13:50-Josh Bo     14:15-Paul


Sue-10:48     Linda-12:08     Kelli-12:10     Tom-14:12     Tabitha-14:41     Dyer-15:50     Jamie-16:26     Max-16:40     Ana-16:40     Ned-17:30     Sandy-19:52     Phyllis-9:23 (2 rounds)     Carilou-no posting

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips 5/5/5/5/5


Carilou (sp?) is our nearest neighbor and swears she can’t hear our noise except when she is on her back deck.  I asked her several times to post her results today but I guess she didn’t hear me.

There is supposed to be a Bridal Shower for Esther and Greg S after the 1st WOD, between, and continuing after the 2nd WOD Saturday.  The participating ladies including Miss Linda don’t communicate much with me.  The only things that I can control around here are the workouts and the weather….

Saturday at 0800 and 0930.

Dumbell Double Tabata……Partner Barbell Chipper

Who knows or even cares where Josh Bo has been for these past 2 weeks, but he still wants to be considered a LHCF member so I let him lead the mobility warmup.  He’s losing his pizzazz;  he wasn’t as good as in the past.

Dumbell Double Tabata warmup:  

Everyone gets 2 Dumbells of any weight they can handle.  We did Overhead Presses alternating from side to side counting each side as a rep.  In addition to alternating Right and Left, we also alternated exercises by doing Dumbell Bent Rows every other Tabata 20 second work cycle.  So in the Double Tabata we did 8 cycles EACH of the Presses and the Bent Rows.  Reporting the weight of 1 Dumbell and the LOWEST rep count attained in any Tabata cycle…. Press/Row.

50 lbs:  Josh Bo-10/16     40 lbs:  Matt Wo-10/16     Tyler-6/10     Topper-4/5     Lew-4/4     35 lbs:   Brent-14/22     Matt Mo-16/16     Smoothie-12/12     30 lbs:  Hunter-20/25     Chip-10/20     Frank-14/18     Coach-10/16     Todd-12/15     Geof-1/2 (??)     28 lbs:  Max-10/12     26 lbs:  Warren-15/15     25 lbs:  Tom-16/16     20 lbs:  Kevin-20/25     Foster-20/20     Stacy-12/18     Dyer-16/16     Eric-14/14     Ned-12/12     Manny-12/12     15 lbs:  Anna-10/18     Cheri-15/16     Mary-10/10     12 lbs:  Kati-20/25     Alicia-20/20     10 lbs:  Linda-21/23     5 lbs:  Gracie-28/28

Note:   Tiny Gracie (50 lbs??)  used a pair of 5 lb Dumbells and did 224 reps each of Presses and Rows.  That totals 448 reps in 320 seconds.  Believe it.

Partner Barbell Chipper     Excepy for Running or Rowing together, the reps were split between partners.

  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 70 Med-Ball Situps  (any)
  • 50 Back Squats  (135/85)
  • 50 Bench Presses  (135/85)
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 50 Med-Ball Situps
  • 35 Back Squats
  • 35 Bench Presses
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 30 Med-Ball Situps
  • 20 Back Squats
  • 20 Bench Presses

RX + :

Josh Bo/Lew-43:03 (GHD/Med-Ball Situps)


Seaneen-20:22     Geof/MattMo-32:13     Kati/girl on board-36:10     Julia/Alicia-38:00     Hunter/Chip-42:00     Todd-42:15     Max-57:47


Stacy-20:22     Gracie/David-26:56     Kevin/Eric-31:45     Brent/Matthew Wo-33:26     Cheri/Anna-33:40     Ed/Timmy-36:59     Mary/Linda-39:00     Warren/Greg-40:17     Coach/Frank-41:57     Smoothie-42:15     Ned/ARH/Foster/Manny/Tom M-44:00     Dyer-57:47     Topper/Tyler-partcipated


Bernie stayed home today.  He is still pouting over the Quiche Alicia made for me.  Good Quiche, like good potato salad, is one of those delicacies that improves by dwelling in the fridge overnight.  So I hope somebody tells him that it was even better this morning when I ate the other half. 

It was great to see Brent here this morning.  Brent is one of the earliest Buck’s-Gym-in-the-Basement members.  It’s a shame we only get to see him every 4 to 6 months when he finds himself between girlfriends.

 A Bridal Shower for Esther and Greg S will take place at the Barn next weekend.  It will commence after the1st class and continue through and after the 2nd class.  This is just a reminder—-most gym members have received an E-Mail or seen the notice at the Barn.  Several of our ladies—-Teri/Susan/Ana/Phyllis/Kelli—-have been the instigators and organizers of this special event.  Please plan to celebrate Ester and Greg with us.

Wednesday at 4 PM.