Burgener Warmup…….”Skinny Isabel”…….”Deadlift Manion”…….Airsquats

Another stupendous Sunday at the Barn.  Sure, it was a bit chilly, but after a brief warmup your body temp is perfect and that’s not the way it feels in July.  Spring and Fall outdoor workouts are the BEST.

Jeff C led us in the flex-stretchy phase of our warmup, and then went straight into the Burgener Warmup.  There are 5 separate exercises in the Burgener and Jeff Made us do 10 reps of each.  These hopefully got us prepared for what is to follow.

"Skinny Isabel"    Regular Isabel is 30 Power Snatches (135/95).  Our version today calls for using lighter weights.  It doesn’t have to be done unbroken without taking your hands off the bar, but close to it.  Coach recommended using no more than 95 lbs, and doing ‘Skinny Isabel" in under 5 minutes.

Listed by weight on the barbell:

[95 lbs]:  Jeff C-3:24    [75 lbs]:   Ed-2:53   Coach-3:40    [65 lbs]:   Herb-2:14     Frank-3:30     Lew-4:00     Hunter-7:30    [55 lbs]:   Tom-3:00     Julia-4:10     [45 lbs]:  Dyer-2:40  Rodney-2:55    [35 lbs]:   Alicia-2:45     Colleen-3:29     Robin-3:59    [22 lbs]:   Sue-2:15     Linda-2:43     Sandy-3:21    [18 lbs]: Crystal-3:49

Deadlifting “Manion”       Everything is the same as the regular “Manion” except Coach swapped out Deadlifts for the Squats.  7 rounds.

  • 29 Deadlifts     (135/95)
  • Run 400m or Row 500m


Jeff C-28:20     Stacy-29:19     Clyde-29:24     Todd-29:35     Lew-29:40     Julia-30:00     Herb-31:49     Alicia-32:40     Ed-32:51     Frank-38:20     Tom-40:43

Scalers and Slugs:

Rodney-25:50     Sue-25:55     Linda-29:34     Robin-35:00     Dyer-35:05   Colleen-36:50     Ned-37:00 (squated)     Coach-37:57 (Deadlifts went to Push-Presses when a hammie started hurting)     Hunter-40:05     Sandy-43:59     Krystal-52:05     Jessica and Manny did a lot of work but get no credit ‘cause they failed to post.

Buy-Out:     100 Perfect Airsquats


Sometimes it’s a real power-trip being a CrossFit box owner/Coach.  A sadistic Coach can put the most ridiculous, tortuous, nearly impossible WOD on the whiteboard, and experienced CrossFitters feel obliged to knock it out without a whimper of complaint.  A case to this point is todays’ little “Manion” variant which included 1 3/4 miles of Running or 3500m of Rowing, plus 7 rounds of 29 Deadlifts equaling 203 reps and using 135 lbs totaling 27,400 pounds of lifting.  

Tuesday and Thursday this week at 4 PM.     

Pushup/Jumprope Game…….Power Clean WOD…….MedBall Situps…….Dips

Another magnificent morning.  High 40’s temp, but even the coldest natured girl was peeling off the layers after the warmup exercise.

Josh Bo and Lance led the stretchy-flexy mobilities.

5 Minute Warmup Game:     60 Pushups followed by Jump Rope Singles for max reps in whatever time remains in the 5 minutes.  Your score is the Jump Ropes.

Matt Wo-462     Lance-377     Nick-350     Timmy-304     Geof-302    Greg-300     Todd-290     Hunter-286     Foster-281     Jeff C-269     Max-268     Topper-260     Tom-259     Bernie-230     Julia-221     Josh B0 (1)-220     Ed-216     Frank-215     Chip-215     Drew-208     Matt Mo-197     Lew (2)-177     David H-172     Dyer-169     Dale-165     Lew-(1)-160     Nathan-151     Linda-150     Julia-150     Kati-105     Wil-89     Josh Bo (2)-70     Katrina-68     Phyllis-66     Kelli-63     Coach-53     Krystal-4     Sandy-posted a smiley face.

The Main Thing:     3 Rounds for Time

  • 20 Power Cleans   (95/65)
  • 40 Kettlebell Swings   (53/35)
  • Run 400 or Row 500m

Scribes,  Secretaries, and participating combatants were unable to reliably ascertain who or what was RX, so Coach gave everyone an RX.

Jeff C-16:54     Lance-18:20     Timmy-18:28     Geof-18:40    Josh Bo-(2)-19:01     Topper-19:28     Nathan-19:58     Drew-20:03     Matt wo-20:14     Manny-20:30    Matt Mo-20:33     Josh Bo-(1)-20:42     Nick-20:44     Kelli-20:50     Todd-21:24     Bernie-21:40     Linda-21:45     Cheri-22:05     Julia-22:35     Alicia-22:36     Dale-22:38     Ed-22:51     Frank-23:10     Coach-24:20     Lew-(2)-24:27     Kati-24:35     Lew-(1)-25:18     Max-25:45          Dyer-25:57     Tom-25:58     Chip-28:05     Hunter-29:00     Sandy-29:51     David H-30:15     Krystal-33:49     Wil-35:08     Katrina-38:00     Foster, Greg-O, Phyllis,  and a few others failed to post.

Warm-Down:    100 Partner Med-Ball Situps, untimed.

Buy-Out:     Dips, anyway, anyhow.     7/7/7/7


Wil came back.  You saw himthe guy with the too big muscles.   It took him a month to get his nerve up, but he returned.  I think he wants to like us.

Smoothie is a few days post-op from getting his right kidney drilled and tubed for stones.  BIG stones.  I think we need to arrange a visit for Platinum and football when he feels up to our company.  The beer will help flush the gravels out.

A Debbie paid us a look-around visit, but after doing the waiver, she left.  Maybe she’ll return to play.

Sunday at 0800.  Nothing heavy, but nothing easy.             

Jump Rope……….Back Squats…..…..”Naked Nancy”……..Pushups

Breezy and low 60’s temp.  Off and on rain alternating with blinding sunshine.  Not enough rain to deter our Barn-play.  Rewarded with a stunning rainbow at the workout’s end.  Can every day be unforgettable?

Warmup:     Jump Rope        Doubles-25 X 4          Singles-50 X 4. 

Strength WOD:     Back Squats    3/3/3/3/3      Warm up to 85% of your best 1 Rep Max and use this on all sets.  Sets are done every other minute.

Josh Bo-345     Bernie-305     Drew-300     Kevin-300     Alvin-270     Matt Mo-260     Coach-225     Tim-220     Ed-220     Eric-195     Manny-185     Tom-185     Ana-125     Jamie-115     Phyllis-105    Angie-95     Linda-95     Susan-70     Numbers Max ?

A little Group Met-Con:       “Naked Nancy”        5 Rounds     

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 15 Overhead Squats    (45/35/22)


Timmy-13:13     Josh Bo-15:15     Matt Mo-15:23     Bernie-15:39     Linda-15:44     Drew-16:02     Phyllis-17:00     Ed-17:19     Max-17:57     Kevin-18:01     Coach-18:25

Those not man enough to tackle an empty Barbell:

Eric-12:25     Angie-16:29     Tom-18:00     Manny-18:36     Alvin-19:12     Ana-19:29    Jamie-20:31     Susan-21:32

Buy-Out:     Pushups     10/10/10/10/10    1 set E.M.O.M.


We can all benefit from some practice on our Overhead Squat mechanics, and this “Naked Nancy”  gave us 75 lightweight opportunities.  Judging by your comments after, I think you enjoyed it.  Or were  your opinions colored by the beer and the rainbow.

Ramey “Annum”  Cabernet  2007 went well with Miss Linda’s roast beef tonight.

Our Smoothie is in the Hotel Skyline this evening recovering from the worst way to rid himself of a kidney stone…getting it cut out of his kidneys (both) through his back.  That’s got to set his lifts back for awhile.  But he’s strong and healthy and I expect he’ll be back at the Barn in a couple of weeks.  Get healthy, Smoothie !!

No workouts until Saturday at 0800/0930.  Don’t just lay about.  Use this downtime to do some workouts on your own.


Naked Barbells…..Ton a Minute Deadlifts…..Push Presses & Squats…..Dips

Another cool misty foggy morning at the Barn.  Josh Bo made a rare appearance and immediately went shirtless.

Coach Paul gave us a much needed warmup with some exercises and mobility movements.  Lew noisily abstained from Jumping Jacks.  Imagine that.

Warmup #2:   Naked Barbells.  (45/35/22)   Voluntarily led by Bernard, Little Harpeth CrossFit’s only elite weightlifter, having recently surpassed the 1000 lb mark in the CrossFit Total. 

  • 10 Deadlifts
  • 10 Hang Power Cleans
  • 10 Front Squats
  • 10 Push Presses

Bernard led us through 3 rounds of these in a synchronized, all together, fashion except for Warren who dances to a different song than the rest of us.

Wod #1:     A Ton A Minute Deadlifts.  The goal is to lift 2000 lbs total in each minute for 5 minutes.  Rep and weight formulae from 100 lbs X 20 to 250 lbs X 8 were proffered.  Sharing a barbell was encouraged thinking you would have more rest time if you could each get the lifts done in 30 seconds.  However, solo barbells were not prohibited.  Either way, each person was supposed to try to do 2000 lbs a minute X 5.

We were asked to post weight and RX if you were able to finish, but either this was not posted or our scribes didn’t scribble properly:

Coach/Frank-205 lbs     Bernie/Josh Bo/Shane-200     Josh C/Lew-165     Warren/Ned-165     Alvin/Craig-165     Paul/Herb-165     Nathan-130     Alicia/Julia-125     Allison/Tom-115     Dana/Sue-105     Reagan-105     Angela/Colleen-100     David H/Mike-85     Sara Catherine-85     Sandy-65 Barb-45     Hunter and Krystal failed to post.  Others?

Note:  My ambitious workout partner wanted to do 250 lbs X 8 but I convinced him to drop down to 200 X 10.  Still, he had to beat everyone so he made us lift 205 lbs.  Why does my partner want to make the 2 oldest guys kill themselves?

WOD #2:     Partnering again, 2 guys are to share 100 Push Presses (135/95), AND everyone gets to stop and do 10 Air Squats every minute on the minute.  


Bernie/Josh Bo-5:47     Shane-6:32     Allison-7:45     Alvin-8:00

Sissy Pants:

Angela/Colleen-4:58     Dana/Sue-5:36     David H/Mike-6:25     Warren/Ned-6:31     Coach/Frank-6:57     Sara Catherine/Sandy/Barb-7:23     Reagan-7:41     Tom-7:45     Josh C/Lew-7:50     Craig-8:00     Alicia/Julia-8:36     Paul/Herb-11:49     Hunter/Krystal failed to post.

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips   6/6/6/6


The 2 WODs were done by some guys in only 10 minutes TOTAL.  These were 2 very difficult short WODs.  It took more time to set up barbells  and warmup than it took to do the WODs.

A few people appreciated how the Naked Barbells prepared you for the work to follow and complimented the programmer.  They will get free workouts and water.

The beer left over from the recent wedding will soon be gone.  It’s not my turn to purchase.  HINT.

Another bad work week for your Coach.  There is only one workout during the coming week and that is Tuesday.  Several have requested to come and work out on their own.  This is NOT ALLOWED in a CrossFit box for insurance reasons, and doubly true on my private property.  You may hear that my daughter and her husband work out here on their own, but I am comfortable that they will not get hurt and sue me.

Tuesday at 4 PM.   

Tabata Planks & Hollow Rocks……..Bench Press Chipper

A misty moisty morning that gave way to a steady drizzle 1/2 way through the second session.

Bernard and Lance led us in our 1st warmup with some exercises and mobility stretching.  It probably will be Lance’s last opportunity after he made us do 1 minute of High-Stepping and 1 minute of Jumping Jacks as part of his warmup.  It wasn’t popular.

Warmup #2:    Tabata Hollow Rocks alternated with Planks.  Just 4 Tabata’s of each.  Kati, great with child, didn’t like the Hollow Rocks.

The WOD:      4 Rounds For Time

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 20 GHD Situps
  • 10 Bench Presses   (155/95)
  • 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls   (53/35)
  • 10 Goblet Squats   (53/35)
  • 10 Kettlebell Swings   (53/35)
  • 10 Bent Barbell Rows   (95/65)


Allison-24:40     Shane-25:38     Bernard-29:56     Alvin-29:59     Drew-30:57     Alicia-34:25     Matt Mo-35:42 (with Back Pack)     Greg-O-43:30 (3 months post Open Heart Surgery)

Light Weights:

Tommy B-22:25     Craig-25:13     Angela-25:15     Lance-25:19     Anna L-25:45     Kati-27:00     Stacy-28:00     David-29:31    Nathan-29:40     Smoothie-29:53     Timmy-29:58     Manny-30:26     Ned-32:00     Geof-32:03  (Back Packed)     Ana-32:05     Jami-33:03     Warren-33:07     Coach-33:15     Max-33:18     Susan-33:20     Chip-33:50     Frank-33:50     Dale-34:17     Tom-36:20     Paul-38:47     Hunter-44:00     Krystal-44:00     Lew-58:16  (8 rounds)

Buy-Out:     Dead Hang Pullups    1/1/1/1/1/1/1   Add some weight if you can.


It seems that some of the RX / Lightweights may have been mis-assigned.  I’ll blame this on the cold rain that probably had a distracting effect on the scribes and secretaries.

Lew usually works out in both Saturday sessions but he couldn’t make it for the 0800 because a new appliance was being delivered at his home.  Someone (sounded like Warren) was heard to say “Doesn’t he have a wife to do that?”  No worries, Lew did a double workout the 2nd class.

Warren left a long sleeved jersey behind at the Barn and someone (sounded like Lew) was heard to say “Don’t touch that shirt!!!  It has so much Rogaine on it, you’ll grow hair on your hands.”

We didn’t post the weighted DH Pullups, but I saw lots of plates strapped onto some guys.  It looked like Manny took the prize with maybe 75 lbs, and I think I saw Allison getting a Pullup with a red KB (35lbs) on her toes.

Sunday at 0800.  Rain or shine. 


Anonymous ASKED:

Buck has invited me, do I just show up at the time shown on the website?

No.  Just show up at least 15 minutes EARLIER than the time scheduled.  The WODs start punctually and you will need to sign a waiver, get oriented, be assigned a coach-partner, and warm up.  

Exercise EMOM…..Back Squats…..”1/2 Badger”…..Get Inverted….

Do you get jaundiced from me saying what a beautiful evening we had at the Barn tonight?  Well,  just get over it.  An Endoscopic Retrograde Cannulation of the Pancreas will help you.  BTW, 25 people enjoyed this wonderful evening workout.

Warmup:   5 Minute E.M.O.M. of the following:

  • 4 Pullups
  • 6 Pushups
  • 8 Squats

Strength WOD:       Back Squats.      10/5/3/2.      Report the deuce.

Drew-315     Alvin-315     Josh Bo-305     Matt Mo-295     Lance-255     Kirby-245     David H-225     Timmy-215     Herb-205     Coach-205     Scott-185     Todd-185     Dale-175     Ned-175     Kelli-145     Jamie-145     Dana-135     Phyllis-125     Ana-120     Dyer-115     Cheri-105     Angie-105     Linda-105     Sandy-85     Nathan-65

The 4:30 Group WOD:    ”!/2 Badger”    Yes, only 1/2 of the hero WOD honoring “Badger”.  Do him the respect of looking up the hero WOD on CrossFit.com and read about him.

  • 15 Squat Cleans  (135/95)
  • 15 Pullups
  • Run 400m or Row 500m

That would be 3 rounds for time:


Lance-19:38     Timmy-20:27     Drew-22:25     Matt Mo-24:25     Josh Bo-29:01


Scott-16:35     Dana-17:45     Nathan-18:08     Todd-18:19     Dale-19:00   Herb-20:29     Ned-20:50     Cheri-21:20     Phyllis-21:45     Coach-22:04     Kelli-22:05     Linda-22:08     Angie-22:13     Ana-22:24     Kirby-22:29     Jamie-23:12     David H-24:40     Alvin-26:38     Dyer-27:06     Sandy-28:02

Buy-Out:   Get inverted for 60 seconds.  Handstand holds, stand on your head, just do something inverted and accrue a total of 60 seconds, even if you have to do just a few seconds at a time.


Somehow 2 jump-ropes got trashed today and we didn’t even have jump-ropes on the menu.  How does that…….?

If anyone left here today feeling omitted from my caustic criticism, please put your names on the whiteboard at the next gathering and I will devote some 1 on 1 attention to you.  Miss Linda (a lover of Isreal) always punishes me for singling out Ned for my constructive comments, so I am not getting my usual home cooked dinner tonite, and that’s just the Overture to the full Opera.

I thought that the “1/2 Badger” was exhausting even if you did sissy weights and cheated big time on the Pullups like I did.  Some day I will throw the entire “Badger” at you.  Live in fear.

I regret that the workout this evening is the only one until Saturday.  My group has enslaved me and I can seldom get off at an hour that allows me to have a second weekday workout.  Soon I will tell them where to put this lousy job and we will have daily workouts.  Be patient.

Thanks to Phyllis and Greg (who didn’t post) for bringing crispy juicy apples from north Georgia and sharing them with us.  And thanks to Jamie and Josh Bo for janitorial and secretarial assistance.  Josh Bo is sucking up because I threatened to exclude him from the annual Christmas Party list because he hasn’t been regular in his attendance.

Saturday at 0800/0930.  It will be fun.



Anonymous ASKED:

Still following every workout for programming ideas and entertainment. Question- generally how much time elapses between the end of the strength WOD and the start of the metcon? Very impressed with the strength/work capacity vs age of your group. Tell everyone I'm cheering them on from afar. Steve W -Colorado

The time between Strength and met con WODs is as short as I can make it.  Guys finish the strength part at different times, they have to post on the board, then they have to understand the WOD, get demos,  and find a station.  I’d say 10 to 15 minutes max.  We appreciate your interest.  Please visit us if you are ever in Music City.

Sprints……….100’s of Bodyweight Exercises with a Partner…..

It was 36 degrees at dawn while I was setting up the workout.  A very chilly day for early Fall, but similar to the majority of mornings all the way through our usual Tennessee Winter.  Lesson:  It really ain’t gonna get much colder than this all Winter long.  If you liked it today, you can handle the weather every day until Spring comes again.  Suck it up !

Warmup #1:   Coach Paul gave us a little warmup of exercises and mobility stretches to get us started.

Warmup #2:   10 Sprints, 50 yds one way, then walk back.  Simple.

The Group WOD:     Partner up and split the work.  Only one works at a time.

  • 200 Squats
  • 100 Pullups
  • 100 Med-Ball Situps (alternate with partner)
  • 100 Pushups
  • 50 Tire Flips
  • 50 Dips
  • 10 Rope Climbs
  • 300 Double-Unders or 600 Single Jump Ropes


Allison-32:53     Herb-34:06     Timmy-40:40


Alicia-32:53     Sue-34:06     Chris/Smoothie-35:17     Lew/Warren-37:30   Ed-40:40     Tom/Alvin-42:35     Jessica/Dana-43:13     Rodney/Dale-44:15     Greg/Sarah Catherine-48:00     Paul/Todd-49:50     Mike/David H-50:55     Nathan/Patrick-50:59     

No, or very little, Rope Climbing:   Coach/Frank-30:00     Jamie/Ana-34:57


After several days of heavy lifting Coach thought our bodies needed a restorative workout that would get our muscles pumping just enough to flush out the poisons.  This workout shouldn’t have caused anyone to puke.

Someone wanted us to post our ages to see our age statistics.  We did this last year, and guess what?  We’re a year older.

  • Median age-57
  • Mean age-51
  • Mode-55

You guys are OLD !!  So please continue to be careful and avoid injuries.  A long layoff for surgery is devastating to your conditioning.

There is an interesting article on the CrossFit Main Site today about CrossFit and aging.  Some homework for you today.  Check it out.

A bad work week coming up, so I can only squeeze in one weekday workout and that is

Tuesday at 4 PM.

Jump-Rope Situp Game…..Deadlifts…..”Abatte” Light…..Synchronized Pushups

44 degrees.  The first cold day this Fall.  Did a lot of you stay home because you thought it was too cold?  You shouldn’t have, because after the 5 minute warmup, it was perfect conditions.

Kevin and Lance were the leaders for our mobility warmups.

Warmup Game:   Partner Jump Ropes and Situps.  One partner does Jump ropes while the other does Ab-Mat Frog-Legged Situps.  After 50 Jump Ropes, they switch roles keeping a running tally of the Situps.

Geof/Shane-170     Manny/Kevin-168     Timmy/Lance-168     Kelli/Lew-162     Todd/Lew-160     Ed/Todd-158     Bernie/Craig-156     Alicia/Cheri-151     Coach/Frank-147     Matt Mo/Drew-146     Alvin/Matthew Wo-142     Nathan/Warren-132     Allison/Hudson/Greg-no posting

Strength WOD:   3 Deadlifts E.M.O.M. for 10 minutes.   Recommended weight 80 to 85% of 1 Rep Max.  Listed by weight:

Bernie/Shane/Kevin-365     Drew-315     Ed/Alvin/Matt Mo-275     Lance/Timmy-245     Matthew Wo/Lew-240     Coach/Frank-235     Todd/Lew-225     Warren-215     Todd/Manny-185     Allison-175          Cheri/Nathan/Alicia-135     Kelli/Craig-105     Hudson-10     Greg/Geof-no posting

Group WOD:    ”Abatte”  Light.     A CrossFit hero WOD.  The runs are longer and the weight is heavier in the original “Abatte”.  There was a 30 minute mercy cap.

  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 21 Clean & Jerks     (135/95)
  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 21 Clean & Jerks     (135/95)
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m


Shane-18:20     Timmy-19:30     Matt Mo-20:36     Drew-22:12     Bernie-23:48     Alicia-25:08     Ed-25:35     Alvin-26:00

115 lbs:  Unknown-19:20     Kevin-24:08      

95 lbs:  Unknown-17:58     Unknown-19:12     Todd-19:40 (2)     Lew-19:40 (2)     Frank-20:50     Coach-21:45    

85 lbs:  Craig-20:45     Kelli-23:39

75 lbs:  Warren-18:08 

65 lbs:     Cheri-14:03     Nathan-18:32

18:50-Unknown person, unknown weight.

Allison (14:03) and Lance (15:22) did same WOD but subbed Handstand Pushups for the Clean & Jerks.

Buy-Out:   28 Synchronized Pushups. 


Some guys didn’t post results in the correct column, resulting in premature erasures and loss of data and/or names.  Perhaps things weren’t clear.

I appreciate Kelli helping to coach Craig and Cheri ditto with Nathan.  We have to teach the new guys good form and enforce safe weightlifting until they learn all the different lifts, and matched 1 on 1 with an experienced CrossFitter may be superior to an On Ramp Class.  Or IronTribe 101.

I guess it’s too early to call Nathan and Craig “regulars”, but they both look and act like they are enjoying our company.  

Sunday at 0800.