Jump Rope…..Power Snatch …..GTO WOD…..Dips

Coach was late.  The workout was waiting for you on the whiteboards, and Miss Linda and others got the workout going.  She even iced the beer.

Warmup:     Jump Rope     Double-unders-50 X 2        Singles-100 X 2

Strength WOD:     Power Snatch     5/4/3/2/1

Matt Mo-155     Bernie-155     Drew-135     Timmy-125     David-100     Lew-100     Herb-100    Kirby-100     Todd-95     Dyer-85     Tom-85     Kelli-80 **     Max-75     Alicia-75     Ned-65     Paul-65     Jamie-55     Tabitha-55     Sue-45     Linda-40     Sandy-35     Coach-Coached     Greg-Coached and babysat.

4:30 WOD:     10 Minute AMRAP    

  • 7 Ground to Overheads  (use 60% of the above max)
  • 7 Knees to Elbows

Total Reps, no mention of RX:

Sue-130     Timmy-129     Todd-119     Tabitha-119     Dyer-116     Kirby-115     Jamie-112     David-112      Tom-108     Herb-105     Ned-100     Lew-99     Matt Mo-98     Linda-98     Drew-97     Kelli-84     Bernie-83     Sandy-82     Alicia-79     Paul-77     Max-67

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips     5/5/5/5/5


Water supplies are running on the low side.  If you haven’t brought a case recently please do so.  It’s a sad state of affairs when a gym has more beer on hand than water.

The field parking area has a mulch driveway that was made for entrance and exit.  If you are entering the grass field parking area by some other way, please cease and desist.  If I catch you, you’re dead meat !!

Saturday 0800/0930.    

Run/Row…..Overhead and Front Squats…..Front Squat WOD…..Deficit Pushups

The temp and humidity were both in the low 80’s.  Although it wasn’t very hot, it felt like I was breathing water.

Warmup:   Run 800m or Row 1000m

Strength WOD:    Post weights for OHS and FS @ 90%.

  • Overhead Squats     10/10       Use 70% of your OHS 1 Rep  Max.
  • Front Squats:
  • 5 @ 70%
  • 4 @ 80%
  • 3 @ 85%
  • 2 @ 90%

10 Reps Overhead Squats:

Drew-115     Lance-115     Alvin-95     Matt Mo-95     Coach-75     Josh C-75     Herb-75     Kelli-70     Todd-65     Alicia-65     Tabitha-55     Tom-55     Paul-45     Phyllis-45     Dyer-45     Linda-40     Angie-35     Jamie-35

2 Reps @ 90% Front Squats:

Matt Mo-245     Drew-235     Lance-205     Alvin-205     Paul-200     Coach-195     Todd-155     Tom-155     Josh C-145     Herb-145     Tabitha-120     Kelli-115     Alicia-115     Jamie-105     Phyllis-95     Dyer-85     Angie-85     Linda-85

The 4:30 WOD:       “Anaconda”       21 :  15  :  9

  • Front Squats     (135/85—- RX is taking the Barbell from the ground)
  • Kettlebell Swings     (53/35)
  • Run 400m or Row 500m between each of the 3 sets. (2 runs or rows)


Lance-11:45     Drew-11:46     Matt Mo-12:07     Kelli-14:56     Alicia-15:07     Alvin-16:10


Todd-9:34     Herb-11:03     Coach-11:10     Linda-12:10     Phyllis-12:10     Tabitha-12:14     Angie-12:40     Paul-13:48     Jamie-14:27     Tom-14:42     Josh C-15:36     Dyer-15:40

Buy-Out:    Deficit  Pushups  10/10/10/10/10     Deficit Pushups are Feet elevated and hands on 45lb plates, touching the deck with your chest between the plates.  A good number of people did this very nicely.  Tabitha gets the game ball for being the only girl to do this correctly.  Coach is extremely happy that his 1 1/2 year postop shoulders were able to do this properly.


There is a CrossFit Anaconda and the WOD was stolen from them.

Ed no longer is here to clean up and do the clerical duties due to the fact that he now has a real job.  But Jamie has stepped into his shoes and is doing the thankless jobs that Ed always did for us.  I am probably the only person here who knows and properly appreciates her work involved in cleaning up after you slobs and doing all the clerical duties that result in these classic blog postings.  Please thank Jamie and give her a hug every day.

 This entire workout today was totally unique and has never been done at LHCF and it was an example of the superb programming that you enjoy here.  I only wish my biggest detractor was here to witness you all enjoying this workout.  That would be Josh Bo, of course.

If anybody sees Warren, tell him we need more Carmudgen beer.  Some of the fellows (Todd) have discovered it’s qualities (10% alcohol) and have laid waste to our stockpile.

Wednesday at 4 PM.     Very likely Coach will be tardy due to work demands. 

Double Tabata……Death by Deadlift/Burpee…..KBS…..Run/Row

We needed rain and it came in buckets-full right after the morning workout.  Perfect timing !!

Allison led our stretch and mobility session to a chorus of comments and complaints from the usual cast of characters.  

WOD #1:   Double Tabata of alternating Hollow Rocks and Ab-Mat Situps.  Two entire 4 minute Tabata cycles, 8 minutes total, doing the Hollow Rocks for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of Situps, 10 seconds rest, and so on for the 8 minute double Tabata.

Since you can’t really count Hollow Rocks, we counted only the lowest number of Ab-Mat Situps in any 1 round:

15:  Herb     13:  Allison     12:  Sue, Timmy, Ed, Geof     10:  Coach, Bernie, Jack, Tom, Nick     9:  Frank, ARH, Shane, Brian, Linda, Alicia, T.Kirby     8:  Lew, Cam, Angela, K.Kirby     6:  Manny, Josh Bo     1:  Ned

Note:  An AB stessful couplet.  Quite a few were unable to complete the 20 seconds of Hollow Rocks STARTING AFTER THE 2ND ROUND.  

WOD #2:  Death By Deadlifts and Burpees.  Do 1 Deadlift and 1 Burpee the 1st minute, 2 Deadlifts and 2 Burpees the 2nd minute, and so on until you are unable to complete the work in a minute.  Recommended weight was a light 60% of your 1 rep max.   Reporting the weight on the bar and the number of total reps completed:  REPS/WEIGHT:

Allison-132/135 lbs     Timmy-123/185 lbs     Bernie-120/245     Shane-110/205     Nick-110/185     Cam S-110/135     Jack-110/115     Linda-110/75     Sue-110/65     Angela-101/85     Geof-93/225     Lew-90/180     Herb-90/155     T.Kirby-90/145     Ned-90/140     Ed-87/225     K. Kirby-77/??     Josh Bo-72/225     Frank-72/190     Brian-72/165     ARH-72/115     Tom-64/165     Coach-64/165     Manny-56/175

WOD #3:     100 Kettlebell Swings for time.  Reported by KB weight and time:

70 lbs:    Geof-6:34     Timmy-7:30     Josh Bo-7:50     Ed-9:55

53 lbs:    Shane-5:23     Cam S-6:28     Nick-6:38     Lew-6:58     Frank-7:20     

44 lbs:   Brian-4:21     Herb-4:21     Coach-4:27     Tom-6:19

35 lbs:    Jack-2:47     Allison-3:43     ARH-4:03     Ned-6:12     T.Kirby-5:08

26 lbs:    K.Kirby-3:43     Linda-4:55     Alicia-5:08     

20 lbs:   Sue-2:42

?? Weight:  Angela-3:57

Manny-Non legible posting

Buy-Out:     Run 1 Mile or Row 2000m


Not counting the Allison warmup and the Buy-Out, the 3 WODs totaled about 25 minutes.  Three brief, difficult sprint-WODs.  The unique double Tabata couplet of Hollow Rocks and Ab-Mat Situps was embarrassingly difficult for everyone.  We will have to visit that one again.

Monday at 4 PM.

Kevin Warmup…..Power Clean EMOM…..Bodyweight WOD…..Loaded Walk

Coach Kevin (now Little Kevin, to be explained later) led us in a great flexibility/mobility warmup that even Josh Bo seemed to enjoy.  The warmup was a Pre-Gymnastists warmup that Kevin had pre-planned and came prepared with note cards.  Good job, Little Kevin.

The Strength WOD:    3 Power Cleans Every Minute On The Minute for 10 minutes.  Recommended weight 75% of 1 Rep Max.  The weights used:

Big Kevin (to be explained later)-225     Greg S-225     Shane/Matt Mo/Aidan (2)/Josh Bo-175     JJ-165     Geoff-160     Aidan (1)-155     Bernie-155     Kevin/Ed/Jeff C/Andrew-145     Alvin/Smoothie-140     Chip/Lew/Josh C-135     Paul-125     Frank/Todd-115     T.Kirby/Tom/Allison/Dyer/ARH-105     Tim/Manny-95     Reagan-85     Hunter/Tawn/Kati/Ana/Jamie/Kelli/Cheri/Tabitha/Alicia-75     Ned/Warren-65     Sandy/David/Linda/Angela-55     K. Kirby-50     Tara-45     Lance-flipped tires     Coach-Coached

The Metabolic Conditioner WOD:     7 Rounds for Time

  • 7 Pullups
  • 7 Squats
  • 7 Pushups
  • 7 Dips
  • 7 Ab-Mat Situps

Un-scaled wearing a vest:

Jeff C-13:36     Ge-off-16:49     Ed-18:40     Matt Mo-22:55     Bernie-23:22


Lance-8:00     JJ-8:55     Andrew-9:15     Shane-10:40     Timmy-11:00     Little Kevin-11:21     Greg S-12:15     Alvin-14:27     Josh Bo-15:05     Allison-15:16      Smoothie-16:43     Todd-17:00

Scaled Slugs:

Lew (2)-12:14     Ana-13:10     Hunter-13:52     Tawn-13:52     T.Kirby-14:00     Cheri-14:10     Linda-14:11     Manny-14:24     Kati-14:27     Tara-14:29     Chip-14:44     Jamie-14:45     Aidan-14:55     Josh Bo-15:00     Tabitha-15:02     Warren-15:05     Rodney-15:10     Paul-15:38    Angela-15:40     Dyer-16:01     Tom-16:33     Alicia-16:48     Frank-16:58     ARH-17:35     Kelli-17:42    Reagan-19:27     Ned-19:30     Josh C-19:41     Sandy-19:57     Lew (1)-20:07    Big Kevin-20:10    K.Kirby-21:30     David-24:00   

Buy-Out:    400m walk loaded down with all you can carry—-chains/plates/Kettlebells/Dumbells/Barbells/vests/balls/sandbags/sledgehammers/firehose—-alone or in combo.


Big Kevin was a new boy today.  His last name has the 1st 2 letters as our Coach Kevin, so they will now be known as Big and Little Kevin.  You’ll know which is which.  Lance brought a couple of ringer friends—- JJ was one of them, and Andrew was here once before but he was on crutches then cause he hurt his knee doing YOGA.  All 3 of these guys seemed to have a good workout and should be returners.

Sunday at 0800.

Jump Ropes…..Military and Push Presses…..Thruster WOD…..Run/Row

Do you get tired of me bragging about what a beautiful evening it was here at the Barn?  If you came here and experienced it, you would know it ain’t just me bragging.

Warmup:     Double unders:    50  X  2           Singles:    100 X 2

Strength WOD:     ## means PR.    

  • Military Press     2/2/2/2
  • Push Press     3/3/3/3

Military Press:

Bernie-175     Matt Mo-165     Aidan-155     Smoothie-130##     Coach-125       Manny-125     Todd-115     Kirby-115     Herb-115     Timmy-100     Tom-100     Paul-95     Cheri-75     Jamie-75      Linda-70     Kelli-70     Phyllis-65     Sue-60     Angie-55     Sandy-45

Push Press:

Aidan-215     Matt Mo-215     Smoothie-165     Manny-145     Todd-135     Timmy-135     Herb-125     Coach-125     Tom-120     Kirby-115     Kelli-105##     Jamie-95     Cheri-85     Sue-75     Phyllis-75     Linda-70     Angie-65     Sandy-55

The 4:30 WOD:     Death By Thrusters     (135/85)

1 rep the 1st minute, 2 reps the 2nd minute, 3 reps the 3rd, and so on until you don’t have the guts to complete the next minute round.  There was a 10 minute cap.  Reported with partial rounds:

RX (135/85 lbs):

Matt Mo-9     Bernie-8     Kelli-8     Aidan-7


Kevin-115 lbs-9.5     Smoothie-105 lbs-9     Herb-105-9     Coach-95-9     Todd-95-8     Kirby-90-8     Josh C-85-10     Paul-85-9.5     Tom-85-9.5     Timmy-75-10     Cheri-65-8     Jamie-55-10     Sue-55-10     Angie-55-8     Linda-45-10     Sandy-45-7.5     Phyllis-35-10

A few others were here but failed to post.  Greg-0 was here and did some watching/coaching/walking/and unknown other things.  This was obviously harder than you might think, since very few finished 10 rounds.

Buy-Out:   800m Run or 1000m Row.


I hope you noticed the blog posting from Colorado.  Should we take up a collection and send Manny out there?

Timmy did a masterful job fixing the stereo.  The management provided a new 1000 watt amplifier and Timmy did the electrical wiring and the results are astoundingly sweet.  It looks cleaner, neater, less cluttered, and it works that way too.  Ed said Timmy couldn’t do it.  Hah !!

Coach is AGAIN on all night call Friday night, so will likely arrive home in a very fatigued condition at the last minute to do the Saturday morning workout.  Smoothie is lined up to come early and set things up, and he may need a little help if you can get here early.

Saturday at 0800/0930.   

Anonymous ASKED:

Coach Buck, I'm writing to let you know I have become a big fan of LHCF by following your website. I'm close to your age and my wife and I workout at our home gym in the mountains of Colorado (9,000' elevation). I've had hopes of developing a small version of LHCF here but so far none of our neighbors seem to really want to workout although they say they do at dinner parties. In any event, I've been using your site to give me new workout ideas. Wish I could get Manny here for MU help. Steve W.

Steve:  Perservere.  It took us 16 years to get to this point.  You must enjoy yourself at your workouts.  If not, nobody else will.  Make your workouts more like a birthday party, and by word-of-mouth people will come to eat the cake.  

And sorry, you can’t have our Manny.  He is our primary engineer, fabricator, maintenance man, general fixer-upper, as well as L-1 Coach specializing in all things gymnastic.

Good luck, and for your kind words you are awarded a lifetime free membership to Little Harpeth CrossFit.  Please give us a visit.    Allen

5 Minute E.M.O.M. Warmup…..Back Squats…..15 Minute AMRAP…..Buy-Out.

Ho-Hum, just another perfectly boring beautiful gorgeous late Summer evening at the World’s best outdoor CrossFit affiliate. 

The warmup on arrival:     5 Minute E.M.O.M.     100 total bodyweight exercises.

  • 2 Burpees
  • 4 Pullups
  • 6 Pushups
  • 8 Squats

Strength WOD:    Back Squats      5/5/5/5    Use ~75% of your 1 rep max.

Matt Mo-275     Drew-275     Alvin-245     Jeff C-245     Coach-205     Lew-200     Tom-165     Josh C-145     Kelli-115     Foster-115     Jamie-105     Cheri-105     Tabitha-105     Linda-95     Angie-95     Sandy-70     Tara-55     Manny and Brian-withdrew.

4:30 PM Group WOD:     15 Minute AMRAP

  • 10 Ring Pushups
  • 10 MedBall Squat Cleans
  • Farmer’s Walk’s    50 yds    (70/50 lbs)

All exercises were expertly demonstrated by LHCF athletes.  Please recall that the MedBall Squat Clean is one of the 9 CrossFit Foundational Movements.  Coach Paul was not here to remind you.


Jeff C-11 (!!)     Alvin-8 2/3     Lew-7     Drew-7     Manny-7     Matt Mo-6 2/3

Absolute Slugs:

Tabitha-7     Tom-6 2/3     Foster-6 2/3     Cheri-6 2/3     Coach-6 1/3     Linda-6 1/3     Brian-6     Angie-5 1/2     Josh C-5 1/3     Kelli-5     Tara-4     Sandy-4     Jamie-3 2/3

Buy-Out:     Run 800m or Row 1000m


This was a reasonably well-paced WOD.  Well, maybe not for Jeff C, who really busted it.

The BIG DIG processes Eastward on Belle Rive Dr towards Granny White.  Sometime very soon we will not be able to get on Belle Rive from Granny White.  At that time we will have to detour all the way around Murray Lane and approach only from the WEST, or from the Hillsboro Rd/Murray Lane/Johnson Chapel Rd direction.  Please give yourself extra time to get here.

Thursday at 4 PM.

Squat Circle Game……….Partner 100’s……….Rope Climbs

Coach Manny overcame his shyness and volunteered to lead the warmup exercises and stretching and he did a great job.

Warmup #2:    The Squat Circle Game.  A LHCF favorite, we formed shoulder to shoulder circles of 10 people and passed 5 heavy balls (20 to 50 lbs) around the circle, doing a squat every time you received a ball.  In past renditions of this 5 minute game, teams have surpassed 100 squats each.  Today team #1 got 55 squats each, team #2 got 86, and team #3 got 96.  Smoothie supposedly selected teams with his random counting method, but somehow his team #3 was the only one with all young males.

The main Game:     A fun partner WOD where partners shared the load with only 1 partner working at a time.

  • 100  Dumbell Snatches     (50/30 lbs)
  • 100 Dips
  • 100 Med-Ball Situps     (20/14 lbs)
  • 400m Run
  • 100 Pushups
  • 100 100 Pullups
  • 100 Squats

Angela/Ruth Ann-26:25     Alicia/Julia-27:39     Warren/Smoothie-28:29     Cam/Shane-28:31     Robin/Colleen-29:26     Phyllis/Linda-29:30     Hunter/Barb-29:36     Brian/Paul-30:34     Josh/Lew-30:59     Bernie/Tawn-30:59     Frank/Coach-31:15     Ned/Manny-31:30     Todd/Ed-32:17     David/Sandy-39:38

Buy-Out:     3 Rope Climbs


Warren returned from a vacation much needed by us.  He imagined getting back in Coach’s good graces by bringing him some rare ale from Michigan.  The brand is “Carmudgeon” and has an image on the bottle that Warren fancies is a likeness of your Coach.  The alcohol content is 10 %.  I wonder if it will cure baldness?

Smoothie realized a long wished for goal of doing a Triathelon while training by doing CrossFit only.  He did it yesterday in Alabama and he is quite proud of himself, and he didn’t look tired or sore a bit.

Tuesday at 4 PM.

Naked Barbell Bear Complex…..”Linda”, LHCF Style…..Gymnastics

Coach Paul warmed us up and got our joints limbered with a variety of exercises and mobility stretches.

Warmup #2:     Coach Kevin was our leader for an exercise called Naked Barbell Bear Complex.  4 exercises, 10 reps each, for 3 rounds, with an empty barbell (45/35/22).  Kevin set the pace as we all did these in synchrony.

  • Deadlifts
  • Power Cleans
  • Front Squats
  • Push Presses 

"Linda"     The Three Bars of Death.   Little Harpeth CrossFit Style.            

  • Deadlift     (Bodyweight)
  • Bench Press     (3/4 Bodyweight / 1/2  Bodyweight)
  • Power Clean     (1/2 Bodyweight)

Done with a partner in a ladder rep formula of 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1.


Kevin-22:01     Manny-22:01     Greg S-24:34     Ed-27:15     Lew-27:15     Julia-28:27     Alicia-28:27     Seaneen-35:52     Tom-35:52     Kelli-42:29     Stacy-42:29     Raegan-42:29

The Rest:

Tara-22:53     Linda-22:53    Kati-25:21     Cheri-25:21    ARH-26:15     Josh C-26:15     Timmy-29:00     Unreadable Name-29:00     Alvin-31:04     Joe-31:04     Bernie-31:48     Shane-31:48     Colleen-31:50     Robin-31:50     Drew-31:54     Aidan-31:54     Topper-33:24     Mattthew Wo-33:24     Jamie-35:18     Phyllis-35:18     Ana-35:18     Frank-35:47     Paul-36:21     Lew-36:21     Hunter-38:15     Chip-38:15     Rodney-41:00     Max-41:00      Greg-O-Stretched and Coached     Bill-Watched and Stretched     Coach-DNF-ed due to back strain and recovering URI.  

Buy-Out:     5 Skin-The-Cats.   AND get inverted vertical for a total of 60 seconds.


Bill was the only new guy today.  Brought and coached by Paul, he mainly observed and stretched.

Some people really worked the Buy-Out and seemed to benefit from these easy drills.  Manny and others coached them.  Manny also got his 1st couple of bar Muscle-Ups.  I suspect that he just never really tried before.

The stereo started smoking today during the second class.  Never fear, we have a plan to replace it.  No music…no workout.

On the CF web site today there is a video of an American record 500m row.  You know, the one we do periodically?  Check it out.

Next week we will workout on Tuesday and Thursday.  Somebody tell ARH.  He thinks it is Monday.

Sunday, Tomorrow, at 0800. 

250M ROW TIME TRIAL…..200 Rep Bodyweight Met-Con…..”Double Grace

HOT, HOT. HOT.   And did I say HUMID?

On arrival:  Row 250m easy…….Then Row 250m for a time trial and post it.   Time for a 250m ROW in seconds:

Bernie-42     Greg S-43     Matt Mo-44.6     Smoothie-45     Drew-45.1     Josh Bo-46     Lew-47.5     Eric G-48,5     Lance-49.5     Kirby-50.1      Alvin-50.4     Josh C-50.7     Tom-52.9     Alicia-54     Kelli-54.8     Herb-55     Manny-55     Angie-58     Jamie-59.4     Phyllis-1.00      Sandy-1.03     Sue-1:01.1     Linda-1:06     David-1:07     Ned-“jerked around”     Coach-Coached

4:20 WOD #1:     2 Rounds For Time

  • 25 Back Raises
  • 25 Pushups
  • 25 Ab-Mat Situps
  • 25 Squats

Lance-4:37     Greg S-4:40     Herb-4;47     Lew-5:46     Timmy-5:55     Kirby-6:10     Alvin-6:14     Sue-6:24     Matt Mo-6:33     Cheri-6:42     Linda-6:44     Eric G-6:45     Alicia-6:46     Josh Bo-7:00     Tom-7:17     Drew-7:55     Bernie-8:17     Josh C-8:28     Phyllis-8:31     Angie-8:40     Manny-9:10     Jamie-10:00     Kelli-10:47     Sandy-12:50     David-13:00 (1 1/2 rnds)     Cheri-LATE      Josh Bo-made excuses     Greg-O- warmed up for 10 minutes.     Caoch-Coached     Smoothie-Coached     Ned-Jerked around

4:40 WOD #2:    ”Double Grace”    Made popular on the last day of the CrossFit Games.

  • 60 Clean & Jerks    (135/95)


Greg S-8:29     Matt Mo-12:23     Josh Bo-13:01     Bernie-13:47     Alvin-15:49     Drew-18:31     Timmy-26:40


Manny-7:00     Linda-7:14     Sue-8:07     Jamie-8:11     Cheri-9:06     Angie-9:42     Tom-9:57     Phyllis-10:20     Kirby-11:14     Kelli-12:32     Alicia-12:32     Sandy-14:54     Eric G-15:05     Herb-15:22     David-15:50     Lew-21:20     Josh C-23:24     Lance/Smoothie/Greg/Coach-Coached     Others didn’t post.

BUY-OUT:    Wine Hootenanny plus various snacks immediately followed.       

Nine (9) bottles of wine and unknown quantities of beer quickly disappeared, fortunately along with many pounds of delicious snacks  including nuts/fruits/cheeses/meats/smoked Salmon/ a variety of crackers/and some mysterious brown balls.  If you missed it, you missed it.  These occur randomly, but they are about 6 weeks apart.  Plan accordingly.


I regretfully challenged Esther’s Groom to be to a sub 10 minute “Double Grace”.  As you can see, he smoked it, but for 5 minutes after he lay dead on the ground and I feared for his grandchildren.

'Double Grace” is no joke.

The wine tasting was perhaps the best ever.  How am I to know??  Great food and wine and almost everyone stayed around to party.  The party didn’t dissolve until the predicted late afternoon thunderstorm finally appeared with ernest.  BTW, for a change, all the wines save 1 brought by Tom, were WHITES.

Saturday at 0800 and 0930.  Great fun is planned.