Synchronized Wall-Balls…….Deadlifts & Dips…….Dumbell Snatch’s

Coach Todd did the honors with his favorite warmup exercises, mobility, and stretching for a large class of over 30 people.

WOD #1:    Synchronized Partner Wall-Balls.  5 Minutes for max reps.  Standing shoulder to shoulder partners do Wall- Balls, hitting the target in a way that angles it toward his partner.   Can you get 150 reps in 5 minutes??

Lew/Herb-176     Frank/Nathan-166     Dana/Jessica-163     Allison/Seaneen-158     Kim/Sue-154     Kirby/Alvin-150     Foster/Todd-150     Tim/Ed-148     Ned/Warren-148     David/Sandy-143     Linda/Angela-140     Hunter/Shane-139     Patrick/Smoothie-131     Paul/Josh-130     Manny/Tom-125

Note:   I apologize that there weren’t adequate numbers of Wall-Ball targets.  Some of you were unable to do the WOD.  This problem will soon be remedied, at least until we have a class size of 40. 

WOD #2:        21  :  15  :  9

  • Deadlifts   (Bodyweight)
  • Ring Dips


Shane-4:38     Herb-6:46     Todd-6:52     Alvin-7:01     Timmy-7:11     Allison-7:17     Hunter-9:32 (weight vested)


Kati-5:29     Alicia-5:35     Smoothie-6:01     Lew-6:09     Sue-6:13     Patrick-6:26     Nathan-6:26     Tom-6:35     Jessica-6:38     Ed-6:47     Manny-6:53     Dana-7:12     Linda-7:36     Ned-7:40     David-7:48     Warren-8:11     Kirby-8:12     Frank-8:33     Kim-8:41     Sandy-8:50     Josh-13:30     Paul-13:30     Seaneen-likes to be private.

Wod #3:     Dumbell Snatch’s     100 reps split between R and L hands.     A.H.A.P.

50 lbs:     Shane-6:58     Timmy-7:56     Hunter-9:12

40 lbs:     Herb-5:58     Lew-6:05     Ed-6:30     Frank-6:32     Alvin-8:20     Allison-9:16     Paul-11:18

30 lbs:     Kirby-5:42     Tom-6:12

20 lbs:     Sue-4:49     Kati-5:07     Linda-5:32     Angela-5:45

Other:     Either failed to post weight or it was embarrassingly light.

Dana-5:06     Smoothie-5:49     Patrick-5:51     Jessica-6:22     Warren-6:38     Nathan-6:53     Todd-7:00     Ned-7:40     Sandy-8:18     Kim-8:20     Manny/Alicia/Seaneen-did not post.

Buy-Out:  An easy 800m group jog. 


We had no new people here today.  Technically.  Nearby neighbor Nathan was here once many months ago.  Between his first and last visit he has changed.  I dont know…I’d like to claim the credit, but he bought a set of weights and he has been using them in his basement.  And somehow he has lost about 50 lbs.  He’s not the same guy who signed the waiver here once upon a time.  I hope he can find time to walk back here more often.

Jessica was here from Denver to join Sister Dana and Mom and Daddy Schwartz for a CrossFit workout.  No, she didn’t come home just for this workout, but it was sweet to see the girls together.  Herb said “there are a lot of time zones between them”.

Not counting the jog, Shane only got a total of 16 1/2 minutes of working out today.  In that time he did 70 Wall-Balls, 45 Ring Dips, 45 heavy (his fault) Deadlifts, and 100 Snatch’s with a 50 lb Dumbell.  That’s a ton of work in a very short time.

It’s Tuesday and Thursday this week.   Anybody seen Josh Bo? 

Hanging Tabata…….”Fight Gone Bad”…….100 Pushups

I’ve never heard so many comments about how beautiful the morning was.  I reckon it was true.

Coach’s Kevin and Paul led the flexibility and mobility warmups.

Hanging Tabata:    On the Tabata 20/10 timer, hang from a pull-up bar for 20 seconds, take 10 seconds rest, and repeat for 8 rounds.  Any type grip allowed.  If you find it too easy, you can hang from one arm.  A simple drill that strengthens hands and forearms and stretches the shoulders.

"Fight Gone Bad"     A CrossFit benchmark classic.     3 Rounds.

  • Wall-Balls     (20/12)
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls     (75/55)
  • Box Jumps     (20”)
  • Push Presses     (75/55)
  • Row For Calories

Designed to mimic the effort of an MMA fight with 3 rounds of 5 minutes each and a minute rest between each round.  Exercises are done in succession for 1 minute for max reps, proceeding on to the next exercise without pause.  Reps and Calories are totaled for your score.


Allison-328     Timmy-306     Smoothie-302     Shane-299     Seaneen-296     Kevin-286     Lew-277 (2)     Lance-261     Lew-252 (1)     Tommy-250     Alvin-248     Cheri-240     Matt Wo-240     Kirby-238     Bernie-237     Hunter-232     Alicia-229     Tom-214     Paul-214     Angela-211     Kati-210     Chip-202


Jack-326     Warren-304     ARH-261     Rodney-257     Frank-227     Coach-225     Linda-202     Craig-198     Jamie-181     Ned-170     Ana-168     Nikki-165     Sandy-162     Susan L-155

Buy-Out:     100 Pushups.  Take all the time you need.


Craig was the new guy.  Coach knows Craig from the hospital.  It only took 3 months of constant nagging to get him here.  He did just fine and will do better if he keeps attending.  If he ever brings his wife you will understand why Coach kept nagging him so long.

Coach gets off work downtown at 0700 in the AM.  If he can get some set-up help we will be able to start the workout at 0800.  That’s a subtle hint. 

Sunday at 0800.

Row Time Trial…..Power Cleans…..Overhead Squat WOD…..Pullups

Today was our beloved Manny’s 60th birthday.  The announcement was made, and in respect for him, only an abbreviated version of Happy Birthday was sung so as not to overly embarrass him.  Manny had a visiting friend,  Harris, who came with him but declined the offer of a workout.

Warmup:    Row 250m easy.  Then row 250m for a time trial.  Some may be disappointed, but I rounded off  your times because I don’t want to mess with all those tenths of a second.  Listed in seconds:

Drew-44     Timmy/Smoothie/Matt Mo-45     Greg/Lew-46     Paul-48     Todd-49     Alvin-51     Coach/Allison-52     Tom/Herb/David-53     Max-55 Jamie-58     Phyllis/Sandy/Dana-59     Linda-65     Tara-80     Susan-98     Alicia and Greg-o- no post.

Strength WOD:     Power Cleans    5/4/3/2/1     Post your single.

Matt Mo-225     Drew-225     Timmy-185     Alvin-185     Smoothie-180     Paul-165     Herb-155     Coach-145     Lew-145     Max-125     David-125     Manny-125     Alicia-115     Tom-115     Dana-105     Jamie-85     Linda-85     Sandy-75     Phyllis-70     Susan-62     Tara-55     Greg-0-piddled around     Allison-Power Snatched 90 (did PowerCleans earlier today)   

The 4:30 WOD:    Stolen from the CrossFit Main Site a couple of days ago.

                 21     :     15     :     9        reps of the following:

  • Overhead Squats     (115/75)
  • Toes to Bar


Allison-6:40    Drew-10:44     Matt Mo-11:24

All the rest of the slugs:

Dana-6:55     Susan-7:09     Phyllis-7:19     Todd-7:11     Manny-7:33     Jamie-8:07     Linda-8:09     Coach-9:10     Lew-9:15     Alicia-9:32     Herb-9:39     Sandy-10:01     Alvin-10:01     Timmy-10:10     David-10:23     Paul-10:38     Tom-10:55     Tara-11:05     Smoothie-11:30 (75 lbs)     Max-13:40    Greg-O-piddled around.

Buy-Out:     DeadHang Pullups    5/5/5/5


Someone in my work place spread the word that I had suffered a heart attack at work.  Several of you had heard this news and seemed to be disappointed that the rumor was false.  It’s pleasing to know that if I died you all would still show up and complain about my programming.

Many, Many of you got PRs on your Power Cleans today.  Almost every one of you.  Good work !!!

Saturday at 0800 and 0930.  Coach is on call Friday night…..thankfully a few of you have already volunteered to arrive early to help setup.     

littleharpethcrossfit Jump Rope……….”The CrossFit Total”……….800 Jog

A rare heads-up preceeded this workout. Coach didn’t want you to do some foolish max effort at an inferior location the day before, also he wanted you to read about The CrossFit Total so you would know how to strategize and what rules to follow. The early notification was made useful by the few of you who sometimes read the blog.

Warmup: Jump Rope Singles: 50 X 4 Doubles: 25 X 4

The CrossFit Total: The CrossFit Journal 2006 by Rippetoe has the best discription. The crux of it is that you are going to do

1 Rep Max effort Back Squat
1 Rep Max effort Military Press
1 Rep Max effort Deadlift
Then you add the three total max efforts together to equal the CrossFit Total.

The details are that you are supposed to attack each of the three lifts individually in sequence, warming up carefully, and then doing 3 final singles until you hit a max effort. There is no time element. This WOD is meant to consume the entire hour. Everyone was nagged to be sensible and not greedy.

Ranked by totals and listed Squat/Military Press/Deadlift:

Bernie-360/185/455=1000 Drew-345/165/405=915 Kevin-350/115/435=900 Matt Mo-305/175/395=875 Alvin-295/175/385=855 Ed-300/125/350=775 Timmy-245/105/315=665 Ned-230/110/210=550 Tom-185/100/255 David H-185/85/225=495 Max-175/105/155=435 Cheri-150/85/200=435 Kelli-145/75/185=405 Phyllis-140/55/200=395 Linda-125/75/165=365 Dana-145/60/155=360 Sue-115/55/135=305 Sandy-95/55/115=265 Susan-75/40/102=217

Buy-Out: 800m cool down jog. About 1/2 of you participated.


I was pleased that you all appeared to do this workout sensibly and got good lifts without injury. We do this workout approximately yearly, and for many of you this was your first CFT. I didn’t give special note to PR’s because many of you got PR’s without mentioning it. Now when the whiteboard calls for a 75% 1 rep max Deadlift for a billion reps you will know what to put on the barbell.

Coach and Greg-O watched and coached.

Dana was visiting from Israel and looked particularly lovely. But who was looking?

Thursday at 4 PM.

Double Tabata Squats and Pushups……….”Collin”……….Dips

After our thoroughly exhausting workout, I came in and ate a huge Miss Linda breakfast and immediately feel asleep in my chair.  

Coach Todd led our mobility warmup  for a strangely quiet, almost reverently respectful group of 30.  Was it because Warren, Ed, and Josh Bo were all absent?  Are they the Brentwood Triangle of bad behavior?

Double Tabata of Squats and Pushups.  Do them straight or alternate, doing 2 four minute Tabata’s, 8 minutes total, 16 total rounds of the 2 exercises.  Your score is your LOWEST number of reps in any cycle of each of the exercises.  Complicated, but even Ned caught on after one discription.

Listed as Squats/Pushups, but ranked by the combination of the 2.

Jeff C-16/15     Kirby-14/15     Shane-12/15     Allison-18/9     Frank (?)-14/12     Tom-15/11     Alvin-15/11     Hunter-14/12     Timmy-15/10     Drew-15/10     Paul-15/10     Alicia-15/10     Todd-15/9     Robin-15/8     Jennifer-13/10     Stacy-13/10     Herb-15/7    Colleen-12/11     Kim-9/12      Angela-10/10     Ned-10/10     Coach-8/11     Mike J-10/8     Kirstin-10/7     Lew-8/8     Phyllis-10/5     Seaneen and Greg-O=participated

Note:  At the minimum, Jeff C did 128 Squats and 120 Pushups.  That’s 248 reps in 320 seconds of actual work. 

Todays WOD:    ”Collin”    A CrossFit Hero WOD.  6 Rounds for Time.

  • 400m Run with Sandbag    (50/20)
  • 12 Push Presses   (115/85)
  • 12 Box Jumps   (24/20)
  • 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls   (95/65)


Shane-33:32     Allison-35:39     Drew-38:18     Jeff C-41:54     Alicia-44:53     Hunter-49:45     Lew-50:56


Robin-36:46     Angela-38:06     Jennifer-38:26     Stacy-38:26     Colleen-40:20     Timmy-40:40     Todd-43:03     David-43:07     Ned-44:00     Kim-44:09     Frank-44:15     Tom M-44:20     Kirby-45:28     Herb-45:53     Alvin-46:18     Mike J-48:10     Coach-48:50     Paul-49:20     Phyllis/Kirstin/Seaneen-participated 

Buy-Out:    Parallel Bar Dips  6/6/6/6


Kirstin was the new girl today.  Phyllis showed her how to do the workout and hopefull kept her safe.

Three new people came yesterday.  None of them returned today.  Did I offend?

A cycler walked through the facility mid workout.  I asked him to stay, watch, and I would talk to him after, but he couldn’t stay.  I guess he didn’t want his heart rate monitor to slow down.

Coach truly appreciates the crew giving a good cleanup, and Lew and Tom doing the secretarial duties.

Tuesday at 4 PM.  Early arrivals may have to set up and self start, as I may be running late.  Advance notice:  We will be doing the CROSSFIT TOTAL.  Look it up and read about it.  Rippitoe has a CrossFit Journal article December 2006 that fully explains the workout along with strategies and cautions.  READ IT !!! 

All Partner Day…..Med-Ball Situps…..Power Cleans…..Deadlifts/Burpees…..Barbell Run…..

Just another perfectly gorgeous morning at the Little Harpeth CrossFit Barn.  

Thanks to Lance and Todd for helping us get our joints warmed up with their flexy/stretchy mobility exercises.  We only wish they had included some Jumping Jacks.

All of the 4 workout sections today are meant to be done with a partner.

#1:     Partner Med-Ball Situps.  100 reps for the duo.  Any weight Ball.  

The Times:

Bernie/Jeff C-2:42     Alicia/Cheri-2:51     Tom/Matt Wo-2:54     Coach/Frank-3:03     Matt Mo/Alvin-3:05     Allison/Seaneen-3:09     Todd (2)/Lew (2)-3:10     Geof/Timmy-3:19     Lance/Kevin-3:21    Warren/Ned-3:25     Kati/Anna-3:35     Shane/Will-3:36     Linda/Tara-3:37     Rodney/John-3:40     Todd (1)/Lew (1)-3:41     Amanda/Geof-3:42     Stacy/Jennifer-3:57     Hunter/Josh C-4:15     Jamie/Nicole-4:20     Drew/Matt Mo/Kelli/Manny-No posting 

#2:    Power Cleans, 3 reps every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.  Recommended weight 75 to 80% of 1 rep max.  Listed by weight on the bar:

165 lbs:     Drew/Matt Mo

155 lbs:     Geof/Timmy

145 lbs:     Bernie/Jeff C

135 lbs:     Matt Wo/Alvin/Lance/Kevin/Lew (twice)/Todd (twice)/     Shane/Will/Hunter/Josh C.

125 lbs:     Coach/Frank

105 lbs:     Tom/Allison/Seaneen.

95 lbs:     Alicia/Cheri/Manny

75 lbs:     Kelli/Jennifer

65 lbs:     Jamie/Warren/Ned/Rodney/John/Kati/Anna

55 lbs:     Linda/Tara/Amanda

45 lbs:     Nicole

#3:     100 Deadlifts using the same weight on the barbell as in the above workout.  Partners share Deadlifts 50/50.  Bonus:  Every minute on the minute starting on the 1st minute both partners enjoy 3 Burpees each.


Lance/Kevin-2:20     Tom-2:40     Bernie/Jeff C-2:45     Geof/Timmy-2:54   Matt Wo/Alvin-2:55     Allison/Seaneen/Stacy-3:05     Shane/Will-3:23     Drew/Matt Mo-3:45     Lew (1)/Todd (1)-3:50     Kelli/Jennifer-4:15     Alicia/Cheri-4:23     Warren/Ned-4:30     Jamie/Nicole-4:46     Linda/Tara-4:50     Kati/Anna-4:53     Coach/Frank-4:58     Rodney/John-5:30     Amanda-5:59     Lew (2)/Todd (2)-6:10     Hunter/Josh C-7:35     Manny

Buy-Out:   Partners take an empty barbell and jog 800m untimed.


Three nice new people came today.  John is a friend of Rodney, Shane picked up Will at the “Y”, and Nicole (Niki) is a student at MTSA with Hunter/Big Kevin/Josh C and is attempting to be learnt anesthesia by Lew.  All 3 newbies were kept busy and free of injury by their friends.  There is no excuse for them to not become regulars.

Several times today I called Jennifer “Liz”.  I am usually perfect in my rememberance of the names of our fair CrossFit Girls.  I apologise to Jennifer and will get my testosterone level checked.

Sunday at 0800.

5 Minute EMOM……..Back Squats……..”Fran”……..Biceps Curls.

A perfect 70 degrees.  No Big Ass Fans.  

Warmup on arrival:    5 Minute E.M.O.M. do the following:

  • 2 Burpees
  • 4 Pullups
  • 6 Pushups
  • 8 Squats

20 reps per round, only took 45 seconds of the minute when I did it, then  15 seconds of rest.  100 reps total.  Nice warmup.  Paul liked it.

Strength WOD:     Back Squats     5/5/5/5    Warmup to 85% of your best 1 Rep Max and do 4 sets of 5’s.

Drew-275     Matt Mo-225     Timmy-210     Coach- 205     Manny-205     Paul-205     Lew-205     Herb-185     Tom-185     Warren-135     Kelli-125     Alicia-125     Tabitha-125     Mike-115     Phyllis-105     David-95     Sandy-75     Carilu-27

4:30 WOD:     “FRAN”          21  :  15  :  9

  • Thrusters  (95/65)
  • Pullups

Ground rules:   Please choose a weight that you can finish in 10 minutes or less because this WOD was designed to be a fast stamina WOD and not a 30 minute strength WOD.  The added threat was that if you finished after the 10 minute cap, you would get a DNF.  After being assailed as a “Blog Bully”, Coach relented and included all.  Well, all but Greg-O, because he was still on the 1st round of 21 when the time cap was reached.


Timmy-7:11     Drew-7:11    Matt Mo-8:41     Lew-10:00 (?)

75 lbs:  Coach-7:15     Herb-7:55     Paul-8:35

65 lbs:  Manny-6:42     Warren-6:45     Tom-8:43

55 lbs:  Tabitha-6:41     Alicia-7:52     Kelli-9:20     David-10:10

35 lbs:  Phyllis-9:59     Sandy-14:24

22 lbs:  Mike-9:20     Carilu-9:21

Greg-O-??     Linda-??

Buy-Out:     50 Barbell Biceps Curls   (45/35/22)


I miss Ed.  He always gave the Barn his patented OCD cleanup.  Timmy is trying hard to replace him, but alas..    Maybe we need to find Ed a new employment so he can get here at 4 PM?

Also Josh Bo seems to have checked out.  He is probably working out somewhere else.  I always thought he was trapped here..a victim of our pricing stategy.  Is he thinner skinned than we believed?  Did someone hurt his feelings?  Certainly not I.

Due to the extreme stress and duration of my hospital work, there are no other workouts until Saturday.  Lew, anticipating this void, has requested that the Saturday workout combine the levels of intensity of both Thursday AND Saturday.  I promised Lew that I would come up with a workout that he could not do twice in one morning like he usually does.

Saturday at 0800/0930.  Limited to 1 only.  Blog Bully.


Bring Sally Up..…..Chipper with Barbells…….100 KBS

53 degrees.  Wow, Fall is fast approaching!.  Six more weeks and the leaves will be falling.

Gracie and Clara (ages 8 and 10) led the stretchy-flexy warmup for us.  Unfortunately Lew and Warren were chatterboxes and Clara had to reprimand them, telling them to pay attention and stop talking.

Warmup #2:     Bring Sally Up.    Airsquats to the “Flower” song.  All you have to do is Squat up and down when they say so.  Easy-breezy.

The Group WOD:      5 Rounds For Time, preferably shared with a partner.  A few did it solo and did 1 partners’ share of the work.

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 12 Bench Presses    (155/95)
  • 24 Back Raises
  • 12 Push Presses    (155/95)
  • 24 Ab-Mat Situps
  • 12 Deadhang Pullups


Allison-29:12 (solo)     Drew-40:15 (solo)     Seaneen/Julia-41:25

All the rest are slow sissy-pants:

Geoff-25:46     Smoothie-30:36     Lew-30:36     Hunter-32:20     Herb-32:20     Chad-32:32     Warren-32:32     Clara-38:49     Bernie-38:49     Gracie-38:49     David-38:49     Todd-39:04     Paul-39:04     Coach-43:05     Frank-43:05.

Buy-Out:     100 Kettlebell Swings (not partnered)  any KB.


Chad was the only new boy today and he’s not exactly new.  He’s been around here for over 5 years since he got married right there in our yard.

 Tuesday, the only weekday WOD, at 4 PM.

Thunder Burpees…..Deadlifts & 7 Field Events…..Synchronized Pushups

An overnight polar vortex brought a brisk Fall feeling this morning.  Many of you arrived wearing an extra layer of clothes, and we never needed the fans.

Paul and Lew led the brief warmup sessions that included Jumping Jacks, Squats, and several mobility stretches.

Warmup #2:          Thunder Burpees                                                                        To the AC/DC tune “Thunderstruck”, we did a Burpee every time they sang THUNDER.  Many of us had thundering in our skulls left over from Esther’s wedding reception last night and these guys were excused from doing every single Burpee.  I’ve never counted all the Burpees, but I think they total about 50.

The group WOD:     3 Rounds For Time

  • 10 Deadlifts    (Bodyweight)
  • Log Carry 125 yds.
  • OverHead Barrel or Heavy Ball Walk 125 yds.
  • 10 Tire Flips
  • Farmer’s Walks (35 to 80 lbs each hand) 125 yds.
  • ProwlerPush (165 to 190 lbs) 50 yds.
  • 10 Heavy Balls (25 to 50 lbs) Over 5 ft Wall.
  • Sled Drag (130 to 165 lbs) 125 yds.

Everyone gets an RX just for being here:

Matt Wo-25:25     Cherie-28:12     Aidan-28:20     Drew-29:05     Lew (2)-29:56     Lance-30:43     Seaneen-30:54     Hunter-31:24     Linda-31:43     Tabs-31:48     Anna-32:05     Max-32:05     Adam-32:07     Beth-32:07     Alicia-32:45     Manny-32:50     Kevin-32:50     Phyllis-33:10     Greg-33:10    Todd-33:15     Paul-33:31     Carlos-33:35     Rodney-33:35     Warren-33:39     Jeff C-33:40     Timmy-34:10     Coach-34:55     Bernie-35:44     Katrina-36:12     Sandy-36:59     Jessamine-36:59     Lew (1)-40:00    Kati-40:00     Tom-41:20     Tommy-43:00     Topper-43:00     Ned-Goofed Off.  Left early.     Geoff-DNF (?)

Buy-Out:    27 Synchronized Pushups.  Led and counted off by Greg-O, and nobody even asked why 27. 


The Bobo’s came back.  It’s been over a year since Adam blew out a lumbar disc on his 1st day at the Barn.  After surgery, rehab, and a year to get his nerve (pun) back, Adam flipped tires and Deadlifted with his wife Beth doing most of the heavy lifting.

Aidan got a badly skinned shin today.  It happened during the clean-up and put away phase.  Unusual.  Coach had to use the 1st aid kit while Aidan looked queasy.  His Mama probably won’t let him come back.  I hope she checks his Tetanus shot status.

Coach’s Daughter Jessamine did the WOD while Husband Chad AND Grandson Jonah watched and played with balls.  Observers:  Miss Linda’s Brother Gary and wife were visiting from Youngstown, and Chad’s Mom and Dad were here from Naples.  The one in Florida.

Sunday at 0800. 

Jump Rope…..Power Cleans…..Snatch & Run…..Dips

Your Coach was at Esther’s rehearsal dinner this evening, so Lance of  Climb Nashville fame was your Coach.  I notice he didn’t post any results for himself, so he must have truly coached and didn’t join you in the workout like some worthless coach’s are known to do.

Warmup:   Jump Rope—— Doubles  25  X  4       Singles  50  X  4

Strength Practice:   Power Cleans    Use 75% of your 1 Rep Max and do 2 reps E.M.O.M. for 15 minutes.  Weight used:

Drwe-175     Todd-125     Lew-125     Kirby-115     Warren-115     Coach Buck-115     Tom-115     David-85     Kelli-85     Tabitha-75     Sandy-65     Angie-55

The 4:30 WOD:     Snatch & Run     10 rounds for time.

  • 5 Power Snatch     (95/65)
  • Run 200m


Kirby-17:55     Drew-19:04     Kelli-23:28


75 lbs:     Todd-15:04     Warren-19:37     Lew-20:40     Tom-21:31     Tabitha-22:42

45 lbs:     Angie-22:36

42 lbs:     David-32:44

35 lbs:     Sandy-27:45

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips     6/6/6/6


1/2 of you stayed home.  It looked like rain and you knew if you came it would be a Regatta.  I fooled you this time.

Many thanks to Lance for getting you through the workout safely.  I assume that’s true ‘cause I checked out the Barn and the defibrillator and first aide kit haven’t been used.

A big day tomorrow for the Buck Family.  We hope to see many of you there to celebrate.  It will be a wine tasting like no other.

And then Saturday at 0800/0930.