Jump Rope / Back Squats / Baby “Barbara” / Wine tasting

Constant theats of rain which we ignored.  

Warmup:  Jump Rope.    Singles-100  X  3       Doubles-35  X  2

Strength:  1 Set of 20 rep Back Squats.  Warm up, pick a weight that you can do for 10 reps, except don’t stop, keep going, don’t re-rack until you get 20.

Drew-225     Matt Mo-225     Bernie-205     Timmy-185     Smoothie-175     Todd-175     Herb-155     Anthony-155      Josh C-155     Tom-145     Kelli-105     Cheri-105 (15)     Sue-95     Alicia-95     Linda-85     Phyllis-85    Jamie-55     Greg-participated     Coach-coached.

The Group WOD:       Baby “Barbara”        3 Rounds

  • 20 Pullups
  • 30 Pushups
  • 40 Situps
  • 50 Squats

Rules:  After each round you must rest for 3 minutes.  Your score is the time for each of the 3 rounds, timed separately.

RX:  Reps done to proper full ROM.  Times for the 3 rounds.

Timmy-4:55/4:34/4:53/6:28/5:30 (FULL Barbara)     Drew-5:50/7:40/9:57   Matt Mo-5:55/6:15/6:17     Greg-6:30/7:06/7:45     Smoothie-6:30/7:30/7:24     Bernie-7:31/8:30/8:49

Slugs:  Partial or assisted reps.

Herb-4:27/5:02/5:05     Sue-5:46/5:17/5:19     Jamie-6:03/5:39/5:21      Alicia-5:25/6:40/6:23     Cheri-5:56/6:36/6:01     Kelli-6:25/6:26/6:32/6:38/6:05 (5 rounds)     Tom-6:15/7:15/7:28     Todd-6:20/6:28/7:38     Phyllis-6:37/7:09/6:40     Josh C-7:19/8:00/9:05     Cheri-8:40/8:20/8:10     Anthony-9:40/10:14/DNF


The intent of “Barbara”  is to not fade during the rounds.  Most faded, with Jamie being the most obvious exception.

Coach tried to take it easy on you guys today.  This was the 3rd day in a row, and as expected there was a considerable amount of pre-workout whining.  We should have done a full “Barbara”.

Post-workout there was a wine tasting centered on the picnic table.  There were 6 international wines PLUS Mrs Linda surprised us with a cheese/cracker/fruit/nuts/goldfish (yes) platter enjoyed by all.  Greg especially enjoyed the goldfish.  Tom brought a fancy Frenchified wine but he was too busy doing his LHCF secretarial and janitorial duties to join us. The aforementioned rain finally began late in the wine tasting and thankfully broke up the party.

As predicted, Anthony is fitting very nicely with our little cult.  He lives in Dixon, so his continued attendance depends on your encouragement and gas money.

Wednesday at 4 PM.

"Flower" Squats & A Variation of "Coffey"

Warmup #1:   On this GLORIOUS morning the stretching and flexing session was led by the soon to be world famous comedy duo of Ned and Josh Bo.  Hopefully they will audition for this job down the road at Iron Tribe.  I hear they need some excitement to draw a crowd.

Warmup #2:   “Flower” Squats.  To the song  ”Flower” simply squat down when they sing down, come up only when they sing up.  There are a lot of downs and too many holds at the bottom.

The Group Fun:   A Variation of “Coffey”, a CrossFit hero.  The variation is that Coach removed Back Squats and replaced them with Deadlifts, and scaled downward the weight on the Bench Presses a tad.  You’ll do Back Squats tomorrow if you come here.

  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 50 Deadlifts  (135/95)
  • 50 Bench Press  (115/65)
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 35 Deadlifts  (135/95)
  • 35 Bench Press  (115/65)
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 20 Deadlifts  (135/95)
  • 20 Bench Press  (115/65)
  • 1 Muscle-Up  (Scale = 5 Pullups + 5 Dips)

Partnering up was strongly suggested for reasons pertaining to space, equipment, pacing yourself, and comradery.

RXers:   All the prescribed weights AND the 1 Muscle-Up at the end.

Nick-33:41     Allison-34:12     Clyde-36:00     Tommy-36:00     Manny-38:28


JRH-25:47     Drew-32:47     Sydney-34:12     Hudson-34:12     Timmy-34:50     ARH-39:20     Anthony-39:20     Josh Bo-39:22     Ed-39:22     Niki-39:22     Colleen-39:22     Alicia-42:12     Stacy-42:12     Coach-43:52 Frank-43:52     Warren-45:43     Tom-45:50     Smoothie-46:00     Max-46:22     Dyer-48:11     Ned-48:11


I thought “Coffey” was very tough. I would still be out there trying to finish if Frank hadn’t pushed and dragged me through it.  Allison also got a good time because Sydney and Hudson helped her (it’s sarcasm, Allison).   As Ed said, “Put that one on the shelf to do again a long time from now”.

It’s Monday/Wednesday this week, so I’ll see you tomorrow at 4 PM.  We may have rain, so if I decide to surprise you with a wine tasting it might be in the Barn.   

150 Bodyweights / 3 Rep Max Push Press / “The 32’s”

Mornings don’t get any better than today if you work out at an outdoor un-box.  Un-describable—-you had to be there to understand.

Kevin / Lance / and Smoothie volunteered to lead our little flexy-stretchy session.

Warmup #2:  150 Bodyweights, untimed.

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Situps
  • 20 Pushups
  • 10 Pullups

Strength WOD:    3 Rep Max Push Press.  You had 12 minutes to work up to and achieve a PR.  Coaching & demonstrations were given.

Josh Bo-215     Matt Mo-215     Bernie-215     Drew-185     Nick-175     Geof-165     Smoothie-165     Matthew Wo-165     Greg-155     Kevin-155     Timmy-146     Manny-145     Lew-145     Chip-135     Topper-125     Lance-125     Josh S-125     Frank-125     Tom-125     Allison-115     Anthony-115     Warren-115     Niki-110     Alicia-110     Tawn-105     Cheri-100     Rodney-95     Reagan-95     Jamie-85     Kati-80     Colleen-75     Ana-75     Phyllis-65   Kesiah-65     Linda-65     Sandy-37     Carolyn-35

The Group Metabolic Conditioner:    ”The 32’s”     1 RFT.

  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 32 Med-Ball Cleans     (20/14)
  • 32 Push Press     (75/45)
  • 32 Kettlebell Swings     (53/35)
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 32 GHD Situps
  • 32 Pushups
  • 32 Sandbag Squats     (50/20)


Allison-15:48     Geof-16:43     Timmy-17:15     Lance-18:48     Matthew Wo-19:15     Kevin-20:34     Nick-21:11     Reagan-21:13     Bernie-21:45   Josh S-21:53     Josh Bo-22:15     Drew-22:24     Smoothie-22:48     Matt Mo-23:25     Manny-23:47     Cheri-24:44     Alicia-24:46     Lew-24:48     Topper-25:01     Chip-28:54


Tawn-15:46     Rodney-20:40     Linda-20:55     Warren-21:52     Kesaih-22:27     Carolyn-22:40     Phyllis-23:35     Kati-24:33     Niki-24:22     Tom-24:46     Greg-24:55     Frank-25:43     Ana-26:50     Colleen-28:20     Anthony-30:00     Jamie-31:23     Sandy-32:45     Coach-participated


Sweet, thoughtful Ned.  He knew Coach would arrive at the Barn too late to set up the morning workout since he had to work at the hospital until 7 AM.  So Ned came an hour early and helped put out all the toys.  Except that doing this with Ned is like trying to plant a garden with a puppy helping you.  Thanks to Franks’ intervention, there were no major confrontations.

New people:   Josh S does “Maniac” workouts at his hometown in Steamboat Springs.  Didn’t Teddy Bundy used to live there?  Josh was brought by Lance who only shows up when he wants something  and never brings his sister Renee’ anymore.  Josh has been in town constructing the climbing walls at the exciting new CLIMB NASHVILLE facility on Charlotte.  That Josh must be making a TON of money.   Anthony works at Summit Hospital and was lured here by Smoothie.  Anthony appears to be primarily a weightlifter and would benefit by our all-round approach to fitness.  I worked on him to return.  Carolyn recently went through the life changing experience of breast cancer.  A former Bucksgym member, Coach made her re-do the waiver ‘cause it’s been so long since she was here.  I don’t know why she stayed away—-maybe she didn’t want to be here when she was a baldy—-but now she has thick pretty hair, so she has no excuse.  Carolyn brought friend Kesaih who worked enthusiastically and fit in well.  Both girls could benefit from our strength-building friendship.

Led by our friend, neighbor and co-worker Kevin, many of you contributed to a memorial at Scale’s School in honor of our boy Jonah.  The Little Baseball Player statue that his classmates put there 23 years ago was showing it’s age, so Kevin made it his project to replace it with a beautiful bench.  I know I was expected to make some sort of thank-you speech this morning, but even after all these years I still get that frog in my throat.  My tougher bride usually bails me out on such occasions, but she teared up too.  We are so fortunate to have such sweet friendships at the Barn.  I wonder if anybody would call the cops if an old couple is seen sharing a bottle of wine on that bench?

"The 32’s" was last done at LHCF almost exactly 1 year ago.  Check the archives, see if you were here, see if your fitness has grown.

Topper spontaneously avowed that lithesome fiancee Karen (yoga-pants) will come next Saturday and lead the stretchy-flexy session.  He usually comes to the 1st class.  Come early if you expect to find a parking spot.  Overflow is at the Arboretum Park.

And lastly, as I was turning off the music, lights, and fans this morning, there was an elderly man wearing only shoes and black underwear, still cranking out “The 32’s”.  Dripping with sweat, he looked like he had lost 15 lbs today.  I think it was Lew doing his 5th round.

See you in the AM at 0800.   

Timed Row or Run / Power Clean & Jerks / 15 Minute AMRAP / Pushups

Absolutely Gorgeous evening.  Barely warm enough to make us get the Big Ass fans out for your comfort.

Warmup:  Row 1000m or Run 800m for time.


Ed-3:34     Timmy-3:35     Kirby-3:52     Max-3:57     Tabata-4:10     Coach-4:11     Ana-5:02      Sandy-5:05     


Allison-3:08     Josh Bo-3:17     Kelli-3:33     Angie-3:35     Josh C-3:40     Warren-3:44     Smoothie-3:55     Tom-4:25     Alicia-4:30     Jamie-4:50     Manny-failed to time     Stacy-claimed she ran 8 miles earlier today.

Note:  Beware when you pass the Coach.  You may be asked to join a for-profit CrossFit.  

Power Clean and 3 Jerks E.M.O.M. for 10 Minutes.  Recommended weight is 75% of your best Push Press.  The weights used:

Joshn Bo-175     Ed-165     Smoothie-145     Kirby-135     Timmy-135     Tom-115     Josh C-115     Coach-105     Warren-95     Manny-95     Allison-90     Kelli-85     Alicia-75     Max-65     Linda-65     Stacy-58     Jamie-55     Angie-55     Ana-55     Tabitha-55     Sandy-25

The Group WOD:       15 Minute AMRAP

  • 5 Snatch grip Deadlifts     (145/95)
  • 10 Knees to Elbows
  • 10 GHD Situps
  • 10 Pistols

Rounds RX:

Allison-5 1/2     Timmy-5     Manny-5     Stacy-4 3/4     Kirby-4 1/4


Ed-5     Kelli-5     Ana-5     Tabitha-5     Tom-5     Linda-5     Josh Bo-4 3/4     Smoothie-4 1/2     Coach-4 1/2     Max-4 1/2     Warren-4 1/2     Alicia-4 1/4     Angie-4 1/4     Josh C-4 1/4     Jamie-4     Sandy-3

Buy-Out:  50 Perfect Pushups


Excellent demo’s were offered for all the exercises , including scaling.  Two of the exercises are seldom done at LHCF.

Coach’s rounds for the AMRAP were reduced because he had to go up to the house and sign for 5 cases of wedding wine for UPS.  If you ever need large quantities of decent wine for an event, I can steer you to great vineyards who will give you a really good price.

Coach was the recipient of compliments for his Power Clean & Jerks, and for his Perfect Pushups.  Am I now at the point of decline that I am getting pity compliments?  

Today was the 1 year anniversary for 2 people:  Manny got his 1st muscle-up 1 year ago, and Alicia finally talked Bernie into overcoming his shyness as he visited LHCF for the first time.

In another milestone marker, future CrossFitter Jonah Berryman Buck (10 months + 1 week), of Brooklyn, NYC, Crawled his first few feet today.  I am ashamed to admit that his Mom appeared to be tempting Jonah with a can of soda-pop.  

Saturday at 0800/0930.  It’s gonna be a beautiful morning.

Jump Rope / Front Squats / Chipper

Coach was late today and Lew and others did the set-up and start duties.

Warmup:    Jump Rope      Doubles-35 X 2       Singles-100 X 2

Strength:    Front Squats    2    Reps    E.M.O.M.   X   12.    Use 85 to 90% of 1 Rep Max.

Josh Bo-285     Matt Mo-235     Drew-235     Jeff C-165     Timmy-165     Smoothie-160     Herb-157    Lew-157     Josh C-130     Tom-130     Kelli-105     Stacy-96     Ana-85     Alicia-85     Jamie-85     Phyllis-75     Linda-65     Angie-55     Kristen-55

Group WOD:   1 Round for Time

  • 20 Front Squats   (115/85)
  • 30 Box Jumps  (24/20)
  • 40 Kettlebell Swings  (53/35)
  • 50 Wall Balls  (20/14)

The RXers:

Jeff C-8:06     Matt Mo-8:06     Drew-8:26     Timmy-8:36     Josh Bo-9:00   Herb-9:06     Smoothie-9:52     Stacy-10:02     Alicia-10:16     Lew-12:20     Kelli-13:44     Josh C-14:25


Ana-9:19     Linda-9:36     Phyllis-10:22     Angie-10:55     Jamie-12:11     Kristen-12:15     Tom-12:20

Buy-Out:   25 of your best dips.


A light Spring rain blew in at the end of the WOD, and the Buy-Out and the post workout social get-together quickly dissolved into a race for your cars.  A few ran the park trail, and a few others had a beer and a chat.

There was some whining about the extreme stress and duration of the Front Squatting but it didn’t really rise to the level of registering with the management.  Suck it up, Buttercup.

Thursday at 4 PM.  I hope I can join you.

Good Mornings / Situps / Deadlifts / “Chelsea”

Your Coach and Josh Bo shared 2 magnums of wine at Bernie and Alicia’s Final Four Party last evening, and we were fortunate to make it this morning.  We both had to get rides home last night.

Timmy led our brief mobility warmup.  Also he fixed the busted light switch at the Barn.  Thanks Timmy.

WOD #1:    5 Rounds For Time     Intended as a warmup for the Deadlifts.

  • 10 Good Mornings  (45/35)
  • 10 Ab-Mat Situps

Timmy-4:20     JRH-4:28     Jeff C-4:29     Frank-4:30     Alicia-4:31     Smoothie-4:35     Ana-5:00     Linda-5:00     Todd-5:30     Colleen-5:45     Josh Bo-5:50     Coach-5:55     Lew-6:08     Jamie-7:10     David B-8:00     Max-8:00     Manny/Drew/Matt S-no posting

WOD #2:     15 minutes to achieve a 2 Rep Max Deadlift.  It was required that you do at least 30 Deadlifts slowly working up to your 2 Rep Max.

Jeff C-405     Josh Bo-365     Drew-365     Matt S-325     Manny-315     Frank-305     Timmy-295     Todd-275     Smoothie-275     Lew-255     Coach-255     JRH-225     ARH-225     David B-185     Alicia-185     Max-165     Linda-145     Colleen-135     Jamie-135     Ana-135     Allison-got 205 X 5 before she ran out of time.

WOD #3:    The CrossFit Benchmark “Chelsea”.     Every Minute On the Minute, do

  • 5 Pullups
  • 10 Pushups
  • 15 Squats

Your score is the last round you are able to complete before being unable to finish in 1 minute.  Rounds completed:

Allison-30     Julia-30     Matt S-30     Lew-30     Timmy-30     Jeff C-28     Manny-21     JRH-21     David B-21     Alicia-13     ARH-10     Colleen-9     Smoothie-8     Linda-8     Drew-7     Frank-7     Max-5     Jamie-5     Josh Bo-5     Coach-participated

Buy-Out:   None was posted, but 1/2 dozen did a Mile Run.


The new guy today was Matt S, a friend of Drews’.  He did “Chelsea” yesterday at his box in Birmingham…with a weight vest.  Good timing, Matt.  David B is Julia’s dad.  He has been here infrequently in the past.  Maybe if he lived nearer than Seattle he could make it here more often.

"Chelsea" is  a marathon of 900 bodyweight exercises driven by the minute on the minute metronome of the timer.  I wondered if anyone here could complete it RX and am surprised that 5 did.  I could have been a no-rep-ing maniac, but my heart wasn’t in it.  Including WOD #1, the people who completed "Chelsea" did 1000  + bodyweight exercises not counting the Deadlifts.

Coach’s L knee has been acting up, so Dr Frank came prepared and gave me a steroid injection.  It’s sweet having good Doctors on the staff at LHCF.

This week is a Tuesday/Thursday week.  I will be quite late Tuesday and Lew has volunteered to start you.  Any other early-birds should help Lew. 

Free Lance Warmup / 10 Exercises each done as a 2 minute AMRAP

Sometime between last Wednesdays WOD and this morning someone snuck into the Barn area and wrote “Josh Bowling is a wimp” and other less complimentary things that I can’t reveal on a blog frequented by ladies and young children.  Is this a repercussion of Bo’s hot pink and lime green toenail polish, and his penchant for going topless?   Did Bo write these evil things HIMSELF as a a cry for help?  Anything could be true, but it is highly suspicious that he was absent today.

There was no traditional stretchy-flexy warmup today, instead a free-lance ad lib on arrival offering: 

  • Run 400m or Row 500m
  • 20 Jumping Pullups
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Pushups
  • 20 Situps
  • 20 Squats

The Group Intertainment:  

 Each of the following exercises is performed for max reps in a 2 minute period.  After a 1 minute respite, you moved to the next exercise on the list , continuing until all 10 exercises have been completed.  Your score is the sum total of all the max effort reps.

  • Row for Calories
  • Push Press  (65/45)
  • GHD Situps
  • Slam Balls  (30/20)
  • Back Squats  (95/65)
  • Ring Rows
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls  (53/35 KB)
  • Sandbag Step-ups   (20”40/20 lbs)
  • Med-Ball Squat Cleans  (20/14)
  • Dumbell Snatch  R/L    (30/20)

Score cards, pencils, and clip boards were distributed, and after an agonizing delay (as per Frank) the timer was started and away we all went.

Scores for RXers:

JRH-515     Allison-481     Jordan A-425     Timmy-420    Jeff C-406     Matthew Wo-401     Stacy-386     Kevin-375     Lew-375 (1st)     Lew-373 (2nd)     Matt Wi-364     Warren-358     Drew-349     Matt Mo-344     Tabitha-338     Nick-337     Alicia-337     Cheri-336     Kati-310     Frank-306     Kelli-304     Josh C-276     Bernie-273


Kendra-359      Mrs.Linda-338     ARH-323     Rodney-320     Alex-310     Greg-303     Chip-298     Tawn-290     Manny-287     Gretchen-285     Phyllis-278     Colleen-273     Kristen-236     Bo-224     Sandy-163


38 people here today with 29 of these at the 0800 workout.  If you don’t like crowds come to the 0930 class.

Gretchen and Tawn were the new people today.  Gretchen was concerned that I would say something uncomplimentary about her on this blog but I assured her that would never happen here.  Tawn is a friend and neighbor (read “RICH”) of Bernie’s and his continuance at LHCF is contingent upon Alicia allowing Bernie to attend.  Please note that Alicia whooped Bernie 337 to 273 in the RX category today.  That is a 64 rep difference for those of you who work at Vanderbilt.

Bernie an Alicia are hosting a Final Four Party this evening from 5 to 2 AM.  Their sweet children won’t be there, so I’m thinking that if all of Little Harpeth Crossfit shows up for free booze and food, we can play Animal House and really trash the joint.  

Sunday at 0800.

Bodyweight EMOM Warmup/Hang Squat Clean EMOM/Deadlift AMRAP/Situps

First day to roll out the Big Ass Fans.  I guess we went from Winter To Summer overnight.  The Peach tree is in full bloom.  Workouts can’t be sweeter than at Little Harpeth CrossFit.

Warmup:  100 Bodyweight EMOM.  For 5 minutes, EMOM, do

  • 2 Pullup
  • 4 Pushups
  • 6 Squats
  • 8 Situps

Strength/Skill:     EMOM for 10 minutes.  2 Hang Squat Cleans.  Post your best:

Brent-220     Matt Mo-200     Drew-200     Timmy-175     Ed-175     Josh Bo-175     Smoothie-125     Josh C-115     Greg-115     Coach-115     Kirby-115     Herb-115     Tom-105     Alicia-90     Kelli-85     Linda-75     Colleen-75     Max-65     Phyllis-65     Jamie-55     Angie-35     Several failed to post.

The Group WOD:          15 Minute EMOM

  • 2 Deadlifts  (Heavy!)
  • 5 Pullups
  • Run 100m Dash

Listed by WEIGHT of the Deadlift / Rounds:

Brent- 315 lbs / 12 rounds     Ed-315 / 10     Drew-315 / 8 2/3     Josh Bo-315 / 8 1/3     Matt Mo-275 / 11 2/3     Manny-275 / 10     Smoothie-235 / 10 2/3     Coach-235 / 9 2/3     Timmy-230 / 12 2/3     Herb-205 / 12 1/3     Kirby-205 / 11 5/6    Tom-205 / 9 2/3     Greg-165 / 11     Josh C-165 / 10     Alicia- 135 / 10 2/3     Kelli-135 / 10 1/3     Max-115 / 8 1/3     Phyllis-105 / 11     Linda-105 / 8 2/3     Jamie-105 / 8     Colleen- 105 / 8     Angie- 95 / 10

Buy-Out:    100 Situps anyhow.


There was a new guy here today.  New to almost everyone here anyways.  It was BRENT!!  He was one of our earliest members, but since he finished school, got a real job and a girl friend, he apparently has other things on his mind than LHCF.  Since he kicked all our butts like he always did before, his fitness obviously hasn’t slipped much.  I wish he could come more often.  I get sick and tired of Josh Bo always being the strongest.

In 15 minutes Brent did 24 Deadlifts with 315 lbs, 60 Pullups, and ran 1200 m.  

Ed came early for the express purpose of performing 14.5 all by his lonesome.  Coach was busy doing the WOD early, so Ed only got occasional coaching and encouragement.  He appeared to be doing everything properly.  His time:  19:01.  I’m glad he beat Josh Bo  (3 seconds).

The demand on our water and beer supplies always goes way up when the temp goes up.  Presently we have NO water or beer other than what is in the Yeti cooler.  Do the right thing.

Guys are nagging me about what workout we will do Saturday.  Odd that they are guys who should know by now how Little Harpeth CrossFit rolls.

 Saturday at 0800/0930.  It will be unusually fun and productive.  Bring liquid refreshments.     

Jump Rope / Back Squats / “Jack” / 800 Run

Our 1st truly GLORIOUS SPRING EVENING of the year.  Perfect.  Temp in the low 70s, bright and sunny.  About 20 people came to play.

Warmup:     Jump Rope     Doubles-50 X 2       Singles-100 X 3.

Strength:     Back Squats      5  :  3  : 1  :  1      Go heavy, go low.

Josh Bo-395     Ed-365     Drew-350     Matt Mo-295     Jeff C-240     Timmy-230     Paul-225     Lew-215     Josh C-215     Tom-200     Herb-200     Coach-185     Max-155     Tabitha-145     Brad-145     Alicia-145     Jamie-115     Ana-105     Kelli-105     Linda-105

"Jack"     A CrossFit hero, 1st posted in 2010.  Look this up and read about Army Sgt. Jack Martin  who was killed by an IED in the Philipines in 2009.

A 20 Minute AMRAP

  • 10 Push Presses  (115/85 lbs)
  • 10 Kettlebell Swings  (53/35 lbs)
  • 10 Box Jumps  (24/20)


Ed-10 1/3     Josh Bo-10     Matt Mo-9 1/2     Drew-9     Smoothie-8 2/3     Timmy-8 1/3     Jeff C-7 1/3


Coach-11     Ana-10 1/3     Alicia-10     Tabitha-10     Jamie-10     Linda-9 2/3     Lew-9 1/3     Brad-9     Paul-8 2/3     Herb-8 1/3     Tom-7     Max-6 2/3     Josh C-6 2/3


Run 800m with a med-ball.  Many ran with vests/chains/ AND med-balls.


Brad came back.  Yeah, Brad.  It’s been YEARS.  And he only lives a short jog to the other side of the river.  I made him redo the waiver because he looked severely de-conditioned.  Not really bad.

Many of our dudes and dudettes are getting strong.  Strength is gained by slow and gradual progressive resistance increases.  Big jumps in resistance get you injured and stops the gaining.  Most of these guys have seen their strength double in the past year.  It’s measureable and repeatable. Progressive resistance has worked since the beginning of recorded history.  Remember Milo.

Wednesday at 4 PM.  

The CrossFit Open Qualifier 14.5

14.5 earned a necessary rain delay yesterday and it was worth the wait.  Sunday dawned cool, clear and bright, with most of our Spring pollen washed away by the rain.

Coach Paul did us the favor of a brief exercise and flexibility warmup.

14.5         Thrusters and Burpees          21/18/15/12/9/6/3                                                                 95/65 lbs       65/45 Masters over 55 yo.  Full discription is on the CrossFit web site.  

The class was divided into 2 waves with priority given to those who are registered for the Open and those who are going RX.  These had the privilege of having Judges/Concrete/and the good spots.


Lonnie-16:35 (yesterday)     Lew-17:10     Geof-17:57     Julia-18:09     Stacy-18:54     Jeff C-19:01     Josh B-19:04     Timmy-19:20     Smoothie-20:15 (yesterday)     Topper-21:15     Bernie-21:45     Manny-25:11     Kelli-25:19     Coach-26:41 (It’s my Box and my Blog)


Tyler-16:01     Sue-16:42     JRH-18:29     Herb-18:56     Linda-20:38     Warren-21:06     Phyllis-21:30     Paul-21:30     Alicia-21:52     ARH-22:52     Tom-24:19     Yun-24:26     Max-25:00     Greg B-participated     David-no posting     Kirby-no posting


Special thanks to Seaneen/Whit/and Allison (and me) who had already done 14.5 but came and helped Judge/Coach/count for us.  Doubtless this would have not gone smoothly for a class of 35, especially with Smoothie not here.  There were at least 5 Level-1 Coaches here.  The 3 girls were rewarded afterwards with a private 10 minute AMRAP.  

Well, Coach was dead last again.  I think it’s Franks’ fault.  I work better when the other old guy is pushing me.  He says he is sick.  He better be.  I mean, I hope he gets better, but he better get the excused absence. 

Seaneen hinted that she may be coming to LHCF more often when the Open comes to a close.  Us guys will need to have a meeting about that.  I know Mr Brown is OUT already.

 Dr, Manny showed up without his 40 year old mustache and many didn’t recognize him.  Is this a sign of mid-life crisis?  He already has the sporty cars.  Does he have a girlfriend?

Tyler (from Bucksgym in the basement days) made his semi-annual visit.  I suspect he knows that his Michigan is going to FALL this evening when they meet my Kentucky Wildcats.  He wanted to cozy up so I wouldn’t give him any ribbing.

Monday and Wednesday at 4 this coming week.