Dumbell Double Tabata……Partner Barbell Chipper

Who knows or even cares where Josh Bo has been for these past 2 weeks, but he still wants to be considered a LHCF member so I let him lead the mobility warmup.  He’s losing his pizzazz;  he wasn’t as good as in the past.

Dumbell Double Tabata warmup:  

Everyone gets 2 Dumbells of any weight they can handle.  We did Overhead Presses alternating from side to side counting each side as a rep.  In addition to alternating Right and Left, we also alternated exercises by doing Dumbell Bent Rows every other Tabata 20 second work cycle.  So in the Double Tabata we did 8 cycles EACH of the Presses and the Bent Rows.  Reporting the weight of 1 Dumbell and the LOWEST rep count attained in any Tabata cycle…. Press/Row.

50 lbs:  10/16     40 lbs:  Matt Wo-10/16     Tyler-6/10     Topper-4/5     Lew-4/4     35 lbs:   Brent-14/22     Matt Mo-16/16     Smoothie-12/12     30 lbs:  Hunter-20/25     Chip-10/20     Frank-14/18     Coach-10/16     Todd-12/15     Geof-1/2 (??)     28 lbs:  Max-10/12     26 lbs:  Warren-15/15     25 lbs:  Tom-16/16     20 lbs:  Kevin-20/25     Foster-20/20     Stacy-12/18     Dyer-16/16     Eric-14/14     Ned-12/12     Manny-12/12     15 lbs:  Anna-10/18     Cheri-15/16     Mary-10/10     12 lbs:  Kati-20/25     Alicia-20/20     10 lbs:  Linda-21/23     5 lbs:  Gracie-28/28

Note:   Tiny Gracie (50 lbs??)  used a pair of 5 lb Dumbells and did 224 reps each of Presses and Rows.  That totals 448 reps in 320 seconds.  Believe it.

Partner Barbell Chipper     Excepy for Running or Rowing together, the reps were split between partners.

  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 70 Med-Ball Situps  (any)
  • 50 Back Squats  (135/85)
  • 50 Bench Presses  (135/85)
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 50 Med-Ball Situps
  • 35 Back Squats
  • 35 Bench Presses
  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 30 Med-Ball Situps
  • 20 Back Squats
  • 20 Bench Presses

RX + :

Josh Bo/Lew-43:03 (GHD/Med-Ball Situps)


Seaneen-20:22     Geof/MattMo-32:13     Kati/girl on board-36:10     Julia/Alicia-38:00     Hunter/Chip-42:00     Todd-42:15     Max-57:47


Stacy-20:22     Gracie/David-26:56     Kevin/Eric-31:45     Brent/Matthew Wo-33:26     Cheri/Anna-33:40     Ed/Timmy-36:59     Mary/Linda-39:00     Warren/Greg-40:17     Coach/Frank-41:57     Smoothie-42:15     Ned/ARH/Foster/Manny/Tom M-44:00     Dyer-57:47     Topper/Tyler-partcipated


Bernie stayed home today.  He is still pouting over the Quiche Alicia made for me.  Good Quiche, like good potato salad, is one of those delicacies that improves by dwelling in the fridge overnight.  So I hope somebody tells him that it was even better this morning when I ate the other half. 

It was great to see Brent here this morning.  Brent is one of the earliest Buck’s-Gym-in-the-Basement members.  It’s a shame we only get to see him every 4 to 6 months when he finds himself between girlfriends.

 A Bridal Shower for Esther and Greg S will take place at the Barn next weekend.  It will commence after the1st class and continue through and after the 2nd class.  This is just a reminder—-most gym members have received an E-Mail or seen the notice at the Barn.  Several of our ladies—-Teri/Susan/Ana/Phyllis/Kelli—-have been the instigators and organizers of this special event.  Please plan to celebrate Ester and Greg with us.

Wednesday at 4 PM.   


Max Situps & Pullups…..Goblet Squats…..Bumper Plate Special

The overnight rains moved away toward the East as the Sun came up.  But apparently many of our lady CrossFitters thought that the rain wasn’t finished, or they simply don’t like the remaining wetness.  We have long noticed that the ladies are “Sunshine Soldiers” and have pondered the reasons.  Is it the hair thing?  Does it make messy with the sneakers, or  muddy up the manicures?  Or is it the old wet T-shirt problem?  Never-the-less, we must applaud Kati, Julia, Alicia, and Miss Linda for risking everything female so they could come to LHCF to workout with 20 stinky guys.

Coach Kevin led our flex-stretchy mobility warmup exercise session.

Warmup #2:    

  • 1 Minute max reps Ab-Mat Frog Legged Situps.
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute max reps Jumping Pullups.

Your score is the sum of the 2 exercises.

Jack-104     Smoothie-96     Kevin-81     Shane-77     Hunter-76     Cameron-75     Tommy-73     Bernie-73     Warren-72     Chip-72     Timmy-70     Ed-69     Coach-68     Frank-67     Ned-62     Lew-57     Tom-57     Alicia-55     Linda-53     Rodney-49     Todd-45 (late-Situps only).    Julia-41 (her excuse will remain private).     Kati-her excuse is obvious.     Greg-has no medical excuse anymore.  Patrick-doesn’t post. 

Warmup #3:

Goblet Squats.     Get a partner and a Kettlebell and play I Go, You Go and do as many Goblet Squats as possible in 5 minutes.  Listed by weight and reps:

53 lbs:

Lew-90     Frank-90     Hunter-90     Kevin-78     Bernie-77 1/2     Shane-77 1/2     Smoothie-75     Todd-75     Timmy-73     Ed-73     Cameron-70     Tommy-70     Chip-68

44 lbs:

Jack-91      Coach-85     Tom M-80

35 lbs:

Warren-80     Ned-80     Julia-71     Linda-71     Rodney-53

26 lbs:

Kati-78     Alicia-75

Greg-0:  participated     Patrick-doesn’t post

The WOD:     Bumper Plate Special.  Some other boxes call this Pet Rock. You simply pick a bumper plate—(45/25)—or even (15/10) if you are a Sissy—and you keep it with you and use it for every exercise.  5 rounds..10 reps of each.

  • 10 GHD Back Raises, bumper held to chest.
  • 10 Bumper Burpees
  • 10 Lateral Hops over Bumper.
  • 10 Pushups, toes on your bumper.
  • 10 Lunges holding Bumper anyhow.
  • 200 yd run with Bumper.

45 lb:

Shane-23:57     Julia-28:41     Todd-29:55     Timmy-30:01     Smoothie-30:20     Alicia-31:19     Kati-31:28     Ed-33:58     Chip-35:15     Bernie-35:33     Kevin-36:18     Lew-39:55

25 lbs:

Cameron-21:28     Frank-30:40     Tom-31:24     Hunter-32:20     Coach-35:12     Warren-38:41     

15 lbs:

Linda-25:04     Ned-27:48

Greg-O-did it without a bumper.     Patrick-doesn’t post


Bernie was really grouchy and at the end of the workout I realized why.  His lovely Alicia presented me with a superb breakfast Quiche, and I could tell by the drooling snarl on Bernie’s lips that he was not happy that she was feeding me.  It was the best Quiche ever, Bernie.  I ate 1/2 of it all by myself.

Yes, today is your old Coach’s 70th birthday.  He endured, nay suffered, as you sang Happy Birthday, and you actually sang beautifully.  I greatly appreciate your cards, colorful notes, money, smoked Salmon, Quiche, potatoes (?),  and your many well-wishes.  Most of all I am grateful for living to be so old and still be able to do these arduous workouts with so many great friends.  

Tomorrow, Labor Day Monday, 0800.

Warmup…..Follow The Bear…..”The Chief”…..800m Run

Lovely Gracie and handsome Timmy led the mobility flexy/stretchy and exercise sessions.  Gracie drew the loudest applause.

Warmup #2:     Follow The Bear.     Partner up, grab a pair of heavy things to use for Farmer’s Walking, and go to the field.  On a 7 minute clock, one partner does Bear Walking for 25 yds while the other follows with the heavy objects.  Every 25 yds they switch roles keeping a running tally of laps for their score.

Geof/Greg-24     Ed/Timmy-23     Stacy/Jennifer-23     Hunter/Lew-21     Alicia/Cheri-20     Jeff C/Bernie-20     Shane/Smoothie-19     Geof/Matt Mo-19     Rodney/Matthew Wo-18     T. Kirby/Tom-18     Gracie/David-18     Josh C/Kelli-18     Anna/Amanda-18     Warren/Todd-17     Manny/Carlos-17     Topper/Seaneen-17     Steve/Ryan-16     Dale/Dyer-15     ARH/Ned-14     Coach/Frank-14     Ruth Anne/Phyllis-14     Kati/Lew-13     Tara/Colleen-10     David/Sandy-10     Julia/Linda/K.Kirby/Allison/Hudson/Sydney-no scores     Greg-O-Coached

Note:  The top guys did 300 yds EACH of Bear Crawls and 300 yds EACH of heavy Farmer’s Walks in 7 minutes.

The Group WOD:     “The Chief”     A CrossFit Hero WOD.  Look it up and read.  This is 5 AMRAPs, each 3 minutes long with a minutes rest between each.  Most of us did this with 2 or 3 guys to a station.  Scored as total reps per person.  The exercises:

  • 3 Power Cleans   (135/95)
  • 6 Pushups (HF)
  • 9 Squats


Jeff C-417     Greg S-396     Allison-377     Ed-376     Seaneen-358     Geof-359     Smoothie-318     Matt Mo-311     Shane-308     Stacy-299     Hunter-291     Lew (2)-290     Chip-289    Josh C-285     Bernie-285     Reagan-278     Lew-256     Alicia-235     Kelli-204

The Rest:

Gracie-450     Timmy-420     Sydney-415     Ryan-362     Steve-362     ARH-356     Dale-353     Warren-342     Carlos-338     Manny-338     Todd-338     Frank-324     Rodney-324     Ned-324     Kati-324     Hudson-320     David-317     Topper-316     Julia-315     Matthew Wo-312     Tom M-303     T.Kirby-300     Anna-294     Cheri-294     Jennifer-283     Colleen-282     Dyer-279     K.Kirby-274     Ruth Anne-270     Linda-243     David H-237     Phyllis-237     Tara-226     Sandy-196     Amanda-180     Coach-planned to just Coach and blow the timing whistle but Greg-O took my whistle and I was able to join in late and got 4 rounds = 273.

Buy-Out:   800m group jog.


In “The Chief”, Jeff C did 70 Power Cleans with 135 lbs, 138 HF Pushups, and 207 Squats in 15 actual minutes of work.

A few days more than 8 weeks post Open Heart Surgery, our Greg-O is on the comeback trail.  He has been released to do “anything” by his doctors,  so Greg-O tested his wired sternum by hitting a few Muscle-Ups today.

Jennifer was the new Babe today.  A friend and co-worker of Stacy, Jennifer does her CrossFit at CoolSprings.  Of course she performed great and I suspect she will be a weekend keeper.

Sunday at 0800.  Don’t forget to spend Labor Day with us…..0800. 

Banded Shoulder Stretches…..150 Bodyweight…..Military & Push Presses…..”michael”…..Handstand Positioning

Warmups posted on arrival:     Light Band shoulder stretches.  4 were demonstrated, and these were to be done for 10 reps each for 3 rounds.

After carefully teaching Warren how to do these, he hi-jacked the well thought out warmup and had everyone doing some wacky moves he learned at CrossFit Nashville.

Warmup #2:     150 Bodyweights untimed.

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Situps
  • 20 Pushups
  • 10 Pullups

More disrespect from the CFN guys.  Lew didn’t even do it and just started with the Strength WOD.  He was called out by his sick buddy and best friend Warren.  I wish they could afford an unlimited membership at CFN.

Strength WOD:     Report your best.

  • Strict Military Presses     2/2/2/2/2
  • Push Presses     3/3/3/3/3

Military Press:

    Big Kevin-185     Shane-150     Hunter-135     Nick-135         Bernie-130     Manny-125     Coach-115     Josh C-115     Kirby-115     Lew-115     Smoothie-105     Herb-105     Warren-105     Cameron-100     Tom-85     Kelli-65     Cheri-65     Alicia-65     Phyllis-55     Linda-55     Sandy-45  

Push Press:

Big Kevin-225     Shane-170     Bernie-155     Josh C-155     Smoothie-150     Nick-135     Hunter-135     Lew-135     Coach-125     Kirby-125     Herb-125     Manny-125     Cameron-110     Tom-105     Warren-105     Alicia-65     Cheri-65     Kelli-65     Linda-65     Phyllis-55     Sandy-55

4:30 WOD:     “Michael”     3 Rounds     27 Minute Cap.

  • Run 800m or Row 1000m
  • 50 Backraises
  • 50 Ab-Mat Situps 

Cameron-19:07     Shane-19:56     Nick-20:57     Herb-22:06     Lew-24:21     Smoothie-24:37     Warren-25:21    Kirby-26:21     Bernie-26:23     Coach-26:52     Phyllis-27:00     Linda-27:00     Sandy-27:00     Tom-27:25     Kelli-27:38     Josh C-27:38     Alicia-27:40     Cheri-29:25     Hunter-31:52     Big Kevin-36:10     Manny-DNF

Buy-Out:     Work on Handstand Positioning.


The Group Metabolic-conditioner:    I think some guys just stopped at the 27 minute cap.  I kept the clock running and some continued to the bitter end.  This WOD borders on CrossFit Cruelty in hot humid weather, but didn’t seem to bother Shane and son Cameron.

We did this WOD last September if you want to look back and see how you have improved (?).

Greg-O was 8 weeks post-op open heart surgery today.  His doctors made an uninformed decision to allow him to exercise without limitation.  I don’t think they know what Greg considers to be normal exercise.  I spent the whole exercise hour today telling Greg “Don’t row so hard”, or “that’s enough on the Pushups”, and “you don’t need to do any more Push Presses”.  I suspect he snuck in some Muscle-ups and Pullups without my seeing them.  I fear for his little cardboard sternum and those steel wires that are trying to hold it together.  Help me restrain him.

We will work out Saturday 0800/0930.  Don’t forget we will also be having classes Sunday (0800) AND Labor Day Monday at 0800.  Three (3) days in a row.  Can you hang?

40 Stroke Row…..BackSquats…..All Dumbell WOD…..Dips

Nice evening…..Nice group of people…..Nice workout.

Warmup:     40 Stroke Row for max meters.  We will never do this again because some of our people gamed it and turned this nice warmup into a farce.     My idea was for you to row hard, CONTINUOUSLY, for 40 strokes, but some clever dudes realized that if they pulled really hard once and sat there until the drift stopped , then pulled hard again and sat, and continued that routine for 40 strokes they would get over 1000m without breaking a sweat.  Of course it took 10 minutes but they WON!! which is what counts in CrossFit.  Smoothie even had to do it twice so he could cheat properly.  Any scores over 500m are highly suspect,

Smoothie-1166m     Matt Mo-1110     Timmy-1067     Bernie-1056     Hunter-1034     Josh C-828     Max-752     Kirby-659     Alicia-635     Mike-609     Kelli-512     Tom-487     Smoothie-474 (properly)     Cheri-455     Coach-426     Brian-415     Linda-355     Herb-340     Phyllis-305     Great work, Phyllis!!

Strength WOD:     Back Squats    2 Reps every 90 seconds for 15 minutes.  That should have totaled 20 reps.  Recommend 85% 1 Rep Max.     Best pair:

Matt Mo-255     Smoothie-215     Kirby-205     Coach-195     Josh C-195     Herb-195    Hunter-195     Tom-175     Phyllis-105     Max-95     Mike J-95     Cheri-95     Linda-95     Kelli-85     Alicia-85     Timmy-45 (sore hip from hockey)     Bernie??     Greg-O/Brian-Coached

4:30 WOD:     5 Rounds     All with the same dumbbell of any size.

  • Dumbbell Snatch     5 R/5 L
  • One legged Romanian Deadlifts     5 R/5L
  • Waiter’s Walks for 25yds down R/25yds back L

The Campbell couple did a beautiful job demonstrating these exercises for us.

40 lbs:     Bernie-9:15     Matt Mo-12:34    Hunter- 13:31

35 lbs:     Smoothie-9:19     Tom-11:27

30 Lbs:     Herb-9:07   Coach-10:25   Kirby-10:56   Max-13:00   Josh C-14:50

25 lbs:     Cheri-8:12

20 lbs:     Alicia-10:10     Keli-10:37     Linda-11:00     Phyllis-16:16

15 lbs:     Mike J-12:40

Timmy-“played”     Brian-coached and observed

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips with the afore mentioned Dumbbel between your ankles.   2/2/2/2/2.


A few totally new exercises for you today.  Some field-tested OK, others will not be revisited.  Thanks for being Guinea pigs.

I have learned to enjoy Ed and Josh Bo’s new work schedule that requires them to actually work.  That has resulted in them attending LHCF on weekends, and sometimes only one of the days.  This give all of us a sweet break during the week, and makes them easier to tolerate on the weekends.  The only problem is that the 2 boys actually “paid their way” by doing the lion’s share of cleanup chores.  

Wednesday at 4 PM.   

Warmup Mobility…..Naked Barbells…..C & J WOD…..Deficit Pushups

A well timed night-long light rain left the decks cleansed of the sweat and chalk dust from yesterday, leaving us another perfect and beautiful morning at the Barn.

After the extreme stress and duration of nagging and harassment, Josh Bo once again volunteered to lead our mobility warmup session.  Because of his size and loud mouth he has a commanding presence, and the fact that he actually does a great job is a bonus.

Aaron, owner and head coach of CrossFit Vector, was the perfect pick for demonstrating and leading the Naked Barbell warmup.  (45/35/22/10)

  • 10 Jumping Squats
  • 10 Snatch Balances
  • 10 Jerks

After 3 rounds of this, 90 total reps, all our joints were nicely warmed up for the WOD.  Note:  Josh Bo saved energy by using a PVC pipe.

The WOD:     4 Rounds For Time.

  • 10 Clean & Jerks     (135/95)
  • 10 Pullups
  • Run 400m or Row 500m


Aaron-12:42     Clark-13:42     Kevin L-15:15     Allison-16:48     Bryn-17:50     Shane-18:48     Jeff C-19:25     Josh Bo-21:32     Bernie-21:54


Sue-14:31     Stacy-18:01     Angela-18:42     Linda-19:10     Alicia-20:16   Todd-21:24     Warren-22:07     David-22:10     Mike J-23:10     Coach-23:18    Manny-23:22     Hunter-23:30     Frank-23:55     Herb-25:25     Ned-25:26     Sandy-25:51     Kim-25:55     Dyer-26:50     Tom M-27:24     Lew-27:52

Analisa/Clyde/Seaneen/Patrick R/and about 5 others failed to post.

Buy-Out:     Synchronized Deficit Pushups  10/10/10.  Led by Todd, hands on bumper plates, we did synchronized Pushups touching our chests to the deck between the bumpers.  Many wore vests or draped chains over their torso’s.


Aaron brought a few Coach’s with him from CrossFit Vector, and his lovely and fit wife, Analisa.  Bryn (Bryan?), Clark, Kevin L are the ringers he brought to humiliate us and take all the top spots in the WOD.  Clyde also is a Coach but failed to post his time.  We always most heartily welcome guys from other boxes, but especially like to have visiting Coach’s because they provide Allison the competition that she otherwise can’t get from the likes of LHCFers.

The pleas for H2O have generated the typical flood response. We now have about 15 cases on hand, enough for 6 or 7 workouts in this hot weather.  Now bring beer.

Next week we are working out on Monday and Wednesday.  

Tomorrow, Monday, at 4 PM.  Save the date.

Apollo 13…..21 Minute E.M.O.M……100 Partner MedBall Situps

Rain just missed the Barn but left us warm and 90% humidity.  Is that what made the workout seem hard?

Coach Todd and Josh Bo led a couple of really classy stretch/flex/and mobility sessions.  We expect such from Todd but frankly I was surprised at the quality and seriousness of Josh Bo’s warmup.  He must be learning something with the Tribe.

Apollo 13:  A LHCF favorite we have done numerous times in the past.  Partnered up, 1 runs 75 yards with the MedBall of choice while partner 2 does Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with the Kettlebell of choice.  Returning from the run, partners switch roles and keep a running tally of the SDLHP’s for a total score at the 10 minute ending.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the 3 BURPEES every minute on the minute.

Allison/Timmy-279     Little Kevin/Todd-246     Foster/Smoothie-244     Ned/Warren-240     Chip/Jeff C-229     T. Kirby/Tom M-224     Bernie/Shane-224     Seaneen/Stacy-221     Tom N/Hunter-216     Geof/Matt Mo-212     Katrina/Linda-211     Frank/Coach-207     Matt Wo/Rodney-203     Kati/Julia-193     Cheri/Alicia-191     Topper/Lew-182     Ed/Josh Bo-182     David/Manny-180     Big Kevin/Lew (2)-175     Phoebe/Gracie-170     Amanda/Kristen-168      K.Kirby and Karen and others didn’t post.

A 21 Minute E.M.O.M.     

Every minute on the minute do ONE of the following exercises, doing all 3 exercises in 3 minutes, resulting in 7 rounds in 21 minutes.  Get it ??

  1. 6 Deadlifts with 75% of your 1 Rep Max.
  2. 40 seconds PLANK hold.
  3. 10 Ring Pushups.

Listed only by Deadlift Weights:

Little Kevin-315     Shane-315     Jeff C-295     Geof-280     Bernie-280     Todd-225     Matt Mo-225     Lew-225     Big Kevin-225     Timmy-225     Ed-225     Tom N-215     Lew (2)-215     Frank-205     Chip-205     Tom M-195     T.Kirby-195     Coach-185     Warren-185     Matthew Wo-185     Allison-165     Hunter-135     Julia-135     Kati-135     Alicia-115     Ned-115     Foster-115     Cheri-105     Sara Catherine-105     Rodney-105     Linda-85     K. Kirby-65     Katrina-65     Kristen-65     Phoebe/Gracie/Topper/Karen and others failed to post.

Buy-Out:     100 Partnered MedBall Situps


We began this HOT workout morning with a cooler partly full of bottle water and NONE in reserve.  Thankfully, Lew and a couple of others toted in a handful of cases else the 2nd class would have suffered rhabdo.

The Big Dig is currently climaxing at its’ most obnoxious.  Maybe not.  At any rate they are trenching immediately in front of my driveway making it most difficult for you to get here.  Soon you won’t be able to get onto my street from Granny White and you will have to come in from the Murray Lane side.  Always consider parking in the Arboretum.

Greg-O and Phyllis gave the Barn and exercise platforms a thorough pressure washing yesterday.  Amazingly, a couple of you actually noticed and commented on the clean appearance.  And I thought your powers of observation were limited to the sheen on yoga-pants.

It was nice to see some of the “kids” here today.  Kristen (Smoothie), Sara Catherine (Dyer), Gracie & Phoebe (David), and a 22 week old GIRL (Yea,Kati !!!).

Sunday at 0800. 

Jump Rope…..Power Snatch …..GTO WOD…..Dips

Coach was late.  The workout was waiting for you on the whiteboards, and Miss Linda and others got the workout going.  She even iced the beer.

Warmup:     Jump Rope     Double-unders-50 X 2        Singles-100 X 2

Strength WOD:     Power Snatch     5/4/3/2/1

Matt Mo-155     Bernie-155     Drew-135     Timmy-125     David-100     Lew-100     Herb-100    Kirby-100     Todd-95     Dyer-85     Tom-85     Kelli-80 **     Max-75     Alicia-75     Ned-65     Paul-65     Jamie-55     Tabitha-55     Sue-45     Linda-40     Sandy-35     Coach-Coached     Greg-Coached and babysat.

4:30 WOD:     10 Minute AMRAP    

  • 7 Ground to Overheads  (use 60% of the above max)
  • 7 Knees to Elbows

Total Reps, no mention of RX:

Sue-130     Timmy-129     Todd-119     Tabitha-119     Dyer-116     Kirby-115     Jamie-112     David-112      Tom-108     Herb-105     Ned-100     Lew-99     Matt Mo-98     Linda-98     Drew-97     Kelli-84     Bernie-83     Sandy-82     Alicia-79     Paul-77     Max-67

Buy-Out:     Parallel Bar Dips     5/5/5/5/5


Water supplies are running on the low side.  If you haven’t brought a case recently please do so.  It’s a sad state of affairs when a gym has more beer on hand than water.

The field parking area has a mulch driveway that was made for entrance and exit.  If you are entering the grass field parking area by some other way, please cease and desist.  If I catch you, you’re dead meat !!

Saturday 0800/0930.    

Run/Row…..Overhead and Front Squats…..Front Squat WOD…..Deficit Pushups

The temp and humidity were both in the low 80’s.  Although it wasn’t very hot, it felt like I was breathing water.

Warmup:   Run 800m or Row 1000m

Strength WOD:    Post weights for OHS and FS @ 90%.

  • Overhead Squats     10/10       Use 70% of your OHS 1 Rep  Max.
  • Front Squats:
  • 5 @ 70%
  • 4 @ 80%
  • 3 @ 85%
  • 2 @ 90%

10 Reps Overhead Squats:

Drew-115     Lance-115     Alvin-95     Matt Mo-95     Coach-75     Josh C-75     Herb-75     Kelli-70     Todd-65     Alicia-65     Tabitha-55     Tom-55     Paul-45     Phyllis-45     Dyer-45     Linda-40     Angie-35     Jamie-35

2 Reps @ 90% Front Squats:

Matt Mo-245     Drew-235     Lance-205     Alvin-205     Paul-200     Coach-195     Todd-155     Tom-155     Josh C-145     Herb-145     Tabitha-120     Kelli-115     Alicia-115     Jamie-105     Phyllis-95     Dyer-85     Angie-85     Linda-85

The 4:30 WOD:       “Anaconda”       21 :  15  :  9

  • Front Squats     (135/85—- RX is taking the Barbell from the ground)
  • Kettlebell Swings     (53/35)
  • Run 400m or Row 500m between each of the 3 sets. (2 runs or rows)


Lance-11:45     Drew-11:46     Matt Mo-12:07     Kelli-14:56     Alicia-15:07     Alvin-16:10


Todd-9:34     Herb-11:03     Coach-11:10     Linda-12:10     Phyllis-12:10     Tabitha-12:14     Angie-12:40     Paul-13:48     Jamie-14:27     Tom-14:42     Josh C-15:36     Dyer-15:40

Buy-Out:    Deficit  Pushups  10/10/10/10/10     Deficit Pushups are Feet elevated and hands on 45lb plates, touching the deck with your chest between the plates.  A good number of people did this very nicely.  Tabitha gets the game ball for being the only girl to do this correctly.  Coach is extremely happy that his 1 1/2 year postop shoulders were able to do this properly.


There is a CrossFit Anaconda and the WOD was stolen from them.

Ed no longer is here to clean up and do the clerical duties due to the fact that he now has a real job.  But Jamie has stepped into his shoes and is doing the thankless jobs that Ed always did for us.  I am probably the only person here who knows and properly appreciates her work involved in cleaning up after you slobs and doing all the clerical duties that result in these classic blog postings.  Please thank Jamie and give her a hug every day.

 This entire workout today was totally unique and has never been done at LHCF and it was an example of the superb programming that you enjoy here.  I only wish my biggest detractor was here to witness you all enjoying this workout.  That would be Josh Bo, of course.

If anybody sees Warren, tell him we need more Carmudgen beer.  Some of the fellows (Todd) have discovered it’s qualities (10% alcohol) and have laid waste to our stockpile.

Wednesday at 4 PM.     Very likely Coach will be tardy due to work demands. 

Double Tabata……Death by Deadlift/Burpee…..KBS…..Run/Row

We needed rain and it came in buckets-full right after the morning workout.  Perfect timing !!

Allison led our stretch and mobility session to a chorus of comments and complaints from the usual cast of characters.  

WOD #1:   Double Tabata of alternating Hollow Rocks and Ab-Mat Situps.  Two entire 4 minute Tabata cycles, 8 minutes total, doing the Hollow Rocks for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of Situps, 10 seconds rest, and so on for the 8 minute double Tabata.

Since you can’t really count Hollow Rocks, we counted only the lowest number of Ab-Mat Situps in any 1 round:

15:  Herb     13:  Allison     12:  Sue, Timmy, Ed, Geof     10:  Coach, Bernie, Jack, Tom, Nick     9:  Frank, ARH, Shane, Brian, Linda, Alicia, T.Kirby     8:  Lew, Cam, Angela, K.Kirby     6:  Manny, Josh Bo     1:  Ned

Note:  An AB stessful couplet.  Quite a few were unable to complete the 20 seconds of Hollow Rocks STARTING AFTER THE 2ND ROUND.  

WOD #2:  Death By Deadlifts and Burpees.  Do 1 Deadlift and 1 Burpee the 1st minute, 2 Deadlifts and 2 Burpees the 2nd minute, and so on until you are unable to complete the work in a minute.  Recommended weight was a light 60% of your 1 rep max.   Reporting the weight on the bar and the number of total reps completed:  REPS/WEIGHT:

Allison-132/135 lbs     Timmy-123/185 lbs     Bernie-120/245     Shane-110/205     Nick-110/185     Cam S-110/135     Jack-110/115     Linda-110/75     Sue-110/65     Angela-101/85     Geof-93/225     Lew-90/180     Herb-90/155     T.Kirby-90/145     Ned-90/140     Ed-87/225     K. Kirby-77/??     Josh Bo-72/225     Frank-72/190     Brian-72/165     ARH-72/115     Tom-64/165     Coach-64/165     Manny-56/175

WOD #3:     100 Kettlebell Swings for time.  Reported by KB weight and time:

70 lbs:    Geof-6:34     Timmy-7:30     Josh Bo-7:50     Ed-9:55

53 lbs:    Shane-5:23     Cam S-6:28     Nick-6:38     Lew-6:58     Frank-7:20     

44 lbs:   Brian-4:21     Herb-4:21     Coach-4:27     Tom-6:19

35 lbs:    Jack-2:47     Allison-3:43     ARH-4:03     Ned-6:12     T.Kirby-5:08

26 lbs:    K.Kirby-3:43     Linda-4:55     Alicia-5:08     

20 lbs:   Sue-2:42

?? Weight:  Angela-3:57

Manny-Non legible posting

Buy-Out:     Run 1 Mile or Row 2000m


Not counting the Allison warmup and the Buy-Out, the 3 WODs totaled about 25 minutes.  Three brief, difficult sprint-WODs.  The unique double Tabata couplet of Hollow Rocks and Ab-Mat Situps was embarrassingly difficult for everyone.  We will have to visit that one again.

Monday at 4 PM.